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“X” Marks The Spot

We never get tired of the holiday lights on the William  Cribari/Bridge Street Bridge. Thanks, Al’s Angels!


(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

Heading the other direction, the same lights make this ordinary scene of an I-95 sunset seem almost magical.

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)


Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #91

You guys know your highway bridges.

And when I say “guys,” I mean it. Thirteen alert “06880” readers identified last week’s photo challenge as the Riverside Avenue view of the I-95 underpass. And 10 of those 13 were males.

I’m guessing that on their way to the station, men look at the concrete. Women gaze at the river. Not to stereotype, of course.

Congratulations to Ed Hulina, Richard Stein, Seth Schachter, Jonathan Maddock, Jill Turner Odice, Michael Moore, Fred Rubin, Alec Head, Bill Kiedaisch, Tom Wall, Morley Boyd, Seth Braunstein and Nancy Axthelm. Click here for the photo, and all the comments.

Here’s this week’s challenge. Male or female, click “Comments” if you think you know where this is. Of course, add any background info on it that you know.