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Pic Of The Day #185

Sherwood Mill Pond, as seen from Hummock Island (Photo/Nico Eisenberger)

Pic Of The Day #184

Dogs are back on Compo Beach (Photo/Tracy Flood)

Pic Of The Day #183

Saugatuck River by the Levitt Pavilion (Photo/Jeb Backus)

Pic Of The Day #182

The I-95 and railroad bridges in Saugatuck. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Pic Of The Day #181

Sturges Highway, near the Fairfield line. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Pic Of The Day #180

Ned Dimes Marina, from Compo Beach Road. (Photo/Marion Kelly)

Pic Of The Day #179

Tonight, photographer Larry Silver — who took an iconic shot of the Compo Beach showers in 1980 — was honored by the Westport Historical Society. Earlier today, workmen renovated those same showers. (Photo/Nancy Lewis)

Pic Of The Day #178

Burying Hill Beach sunrise (Photo/Art Schoeller)

Pic Of The Day #177

The good life (Photo/Fred Cantor)

Pic Of The Day #176

Peace at Town Hall (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)