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Pic Of The Day #1040

Haskins Preserve, this morning (Photo/Tracy Porosoff)

Pic Of The Day #1039

The first political sign of the season. This one is at Greens Farms railroad station. Another “Mike” sign is at Cross Highway and North Avenue. No other candidates have planted yard signs yet.

Pics Of The Day #1038

Beaches and water in winter, by drone — thank you, Brandon Malin!

Cockenoe Island

Compo Beach

Old Mill Beach and Compo Cove

Burying Hill Beach (Drone photos/Brandon Malin)

Pic Of The Day #1037

I try to stay away from pure “nature” Pic of the Day shots. Every image should have some identifiable part of Westport — or Westporters — in it.

I’m making an exception for this exceptional photo. Alert “06880” reader Morley Boyd wrote yesterday:

With the reasonably warm weather, our honeybees came out and quickly discovered all the wild crocus growing on Violet Lane. Shortly thereafter, they began returning to their hive with the pollen baskets on their legs loaded up.

For some reason, I always take comfort in these early signs of spring.

(Photo/Morley Boyd)

Pic Of The Day #1036

Deer are a common sight in Westport. But what alert “06880” reader Johanna Rossi saw yesterday, just before dusk at St. Vincent’s Hospital on Long Lots Road, was not.

At first she thought a light was shining, reflecting on its antlers. But when she got out of her car, she realized something was stuck on them.

She has no idea what it was, or how it got there. But another deer tried unsuccessfully to help get it off. “So sad,” Johanna says.

(Photo/Johanna Rossi)

Pic Of The Day #1035

Early morning dog walk at Compo (Photo/Jimmy Izzo)

Photo Challenge #268

Last week’s Photo Challenge rang a bell with many readers.

Ed Simek’s image showed the large bell that sits outside the Saugatuck fire station — officially, it’s “Saugatuck Hose Company Engine Company 4” — on Riverside Avenue. (Click here to see.)

The bell is a favorite with kids who wander over from nearby Saugatuck Sweets. They also enjoy the restored 1940s-era fire truck — and the friendly, welcoming vibe from all the firefighters there.

Of course, sometimes they have to leave the station on a call. That’s why — as tempting as it is to inch forward — you should never block the road in front of the bell.

Andrew Colabella, Fred Cantor, Diane Silfen, Matt Murray, Wendy Cusick, Tom Risch, Mary Ann Batsell, Amy Schneider and Rick Benson all knew the answer to this very easy Photo Challenge.

Tomorrow is Presidents Day. (Or Presidents’ Day — the jury is out on that apostrophe.)

In its* honor, we present Anne Bernier’s Photo Challenge. Way back in the day, George Washington** really did sleep here. This plaque commemorates his visit.

(Photo/Anne Bernier)

So today’s Photo Challenge is: Where in Westport would you find Marvin Tavern today?

And if you’d like to get into the weeds, answer this one too: Why doesn’t the plaque call it Marvin’s Tavern?

*Not, for some reason, it’s.

** Whose February 22 birthday has been co-opted as a federal holiday, by all 44 presidents who followed him.

Pics Of The Day #1034

The east end of Burying Hill Beach … (Photo/Dave Wilson)

… another view of Burying Hill … (Photo/Dave Wilson)

… and a third. (Photo/Shandley McMurray)

Pics Of The Day #1033

Happy Valentine’s Day, from Grace Salmon Park … (Photo/Jennifer Katzner)

… plus, this “love”-ly view from the same park. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pic Of The Day #1032

Cut-through from Church Lane to the Post Road (Photo/John Videler — go to to buy prints of Westport)