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Pic Of The Day #949

Westport train station (Photo/Joseph Thanhauser)

Pic Of The Day #841

Train station tower (Photo/Tracy Porosoff)

Pic Of The Day #833

Not Italy. It’s the Westport train station. (Photo/Breno Donatti)

Photo Challenge #237

If you spend a lot of time at the Saugatuck train station — and who doesn’t, given Metro-North’s we’ll-get-here-when-we-feel-like-it approach to scheduling? — you’re used to looking up and down the tracks.

And up and down, and all around, everywhere else.

So last week’s Photo Challenge was a snap. Steve Alter, Seth Braunstein, Yulee Aronson, Linda Amos, Fred Cantor, Seth Schachter, Andrew Colabella, Breno Donatti, John Kekkey, Michelle Scher Saunders, Tammy Barry, Jill Odice, Clark Thiemann, A. Darcy Sledge, Jonathan McClure and Amy Schneider all knew that Gene Borio’s photo showed a light fixture above the tracks.

There’s no back story. It’s just one of those familiar Westport scenes we’re all used to. Click here for the photo.

This week’s Photo Challenge is tougher than the last one. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Molly Alger)

Pics Of The Day #815

A view from the train, near Saugatuck station.

C.B. Dolge made chemical products. This is an old bottle from Seth Schachter’s collection. The label says it “destroys roaches and bedbugs.” (Photos/Seth Schachter)

[OPINION] Slow Trains Cost Big Bucks

An alert — and frustrated — “06880” reader writes:

When my wife, daughter and I moved to Westport in the 1980s, the main reasons were the schools, and amenities like Longshore.

But another major reason was that my wife’s commute to the city would work (barely). It was about an hour on Metro-North.

However, as the real estate agent explained to us, houses closer to the city cost more. Her rule of thumb was that for every extra minute of commuting time, homes were $10,000 less expensive. For us, Westport was the “sweet spot.”

Commuting looks pleasant in this image. (Photo copyright Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

It now takes about 20 minutes longer to get to New York City by train than it did back then. That means our house (the same one) is worth $200,000 less than it would if the trains ran on the same schedule.

Westport has about 10,000 homes. If they’re worth $200,000 less on average, that means they’ve lost $2 billion in value due to slower trains.

That $10,000 figure was in 1980s housing dollars. It might be 3 times that much now.

And we were looking at lower-priced houses in Westport, so that $10,000 figure for the lower-priced houses in Westport we were considering was probably twice that for higher-priced houses. So perhaps the real cost of slow Metro-North trains might be 6 times as much: $12 billion.

That’s real money!

The train to New York was quicker in 1949 than 2019.

Pics Of The Day #686

It wasn’t the biggest snowfall. It shouldn’t have caused as many power outages as it did.

But it sure was pretty.

Here are some scenes, captured around Westport by alert “06880” photographers.

And now — okay. It’s March. We’re ready for some spring shots!

This yard on Roseville Road sparkled (Photo/Gregg Bromberg)

Marion Road (Photo/Anne Bernier)

Winslow Park (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Levitt Pavilion (Photo/JP Vellotti)

Kings Highway Elementary School (Photo/Maggie Gomez)

Playhouse condos, from Winslow Park (Photo/Molly Alger)

Old Mill Beach (Photo/Matt Murray)

The train station last night, in the thick of the storm (Photo/Tracy Porosoff)

Pics Of The Day #684

Westport’s Department of Public Works was out early this morning, making sure town roads were safe for everyone. (Photo/Jimmy Izzo)

When the snow stopped, this was the scene, looking westbound at the Saugatuck train station (Photo/Max Stanger)

Photo Challenge #212

Maybe it’s because relatively few Westporters wait for trains on the eastbound platform.

Maybe it’s because after eating at Donut Crazy, you’re on such a sugar high you can’t sit down.

Whatever the reason, only 2 readers knew that last week’s Photo Challenge — Seth Schachter’s shot showing the word “Welcome” — was actually a bench for riders taking Metro-North toward New Haven. (Click here for photo.)

Lynn Untermeyer Miller and Andrew Colabella were the 2 eagle-eyed — or perhaps travel-weary — eagle-eyed readers. Their responses were quite “welcome.”

So how about this week’s Photo Challenge? If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Elaine Marino)

Pic Of The Day #568

Waiting for the train in the rain (Photo/Ellen Wentworth)