Pic Of The Day #2383

Weekend, at the Westport train station (Photo/Nicole Ryan)

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #2383

  1. Any chance you can use the 60 million you’ll save on not moving the gardens and not building a new Long Lots and get rid of those ugly ,disgusting 1920s vintage “ telephone” poles? I know that wasn’t the theme of the picture, but they are so nasty looking.

  2. In California, where I now live, PG&E is busy burying utility lines, where they have been implicated in starting forest fires, though these would be transmission lines. In San Francisco they are slowly putting utility lines underground. Downsides include the expense, and making it more difficult to spot line breakage and make the repairs. It also actually has Jewish religious implications where the utility lines are used in forming eruvs, that permit carrying on Shabbat.

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