“06880” Mobile Users, Rejoice: New App Is Here!

If you’re reading this story on a smartphone, you know our “06880” interface sucks.

The font size is too small. You have to tap on the headline to get to a readable version (a trick some users don’t know). Some of the features from the laptop/ desktop version are missing.

By the end of this story, all that will change dramatically.

Today, “06880” announces a new app. Designed specifically for smartphones, with many great features, it will make your mobile experience much easier, more enjoyable, and just plain cool.

The “06880” app — available in both iPhone and Android versions — was created by 2 young geniuses. Georgetown University sophomore Matthew Jordan and his Staples High School senior brother Joshua took a very vague concept, and soon developed a very usable, clever and handsome product.

They understood exactly what “06880” is, what our virtual community is about, and what our readers want. They made it all happen, with creativity, grace and good humor. A feature story on these very sharp and fun teenagers is coming soon.

Meanwhile, here’s what you’ll find when you download the app (just search, of course, for “06880”).

A splash screen (below) …

… makes way for the most recent stories (below). Tap one to read it.

Tap on any photo to enlarge it. At the end of a story you can easily comment, reply to a previous comment, or share the story, in a variety of ways.

There are 5 buttons on the bottom (see photo above). The one on the left is the least important; it brings up information about me.

The balloon-like map icon next to it means “Westport.” There’s a photo gallery from our “Pic of the Picks” book that changes every day, along with details about all the restaurants that support “06880.”

The restaurant list is randomized; it too changes daily. Clicking on any restaurant brings up more information, plus its menu and social media.

The middle icon is the “home” button. It brings you back to the “Stories” page.

The headphones are for podcasts. One click takes users to dozens of “06880” podcasts — a partnership with the Westport Library.

The dollar sign on the far right is a “donate” button. Contributing to “06880” has never been easier 🙂

At the top left of the app is a magnifying glass. Click on to search the entire “06880” archives. (Stories with the keyword in the title appear first; then come stories where the keyword is only in the text.)

A “bookmark” icon on the right allows you to save any story for future reference.

Clicking the “gear” icon at the far right gives the option to have notifications sent directly to your phone. You can choose “immediately” (whenever a new post is published), once every morning (10:30 a.m.) or once every night (9:10 p.m.). It’s possible to enable both morning and nightly recaps.

There you have it: our new app. Just search for “06880” in either the iPhone or Android stores.

Now, thanks to Matthew and Joshua Jordan, you will never squint again.

PS: Don’t want the app? Prefer to continue receiving email notifications about new posts? No problem! That’s not changing. The app is just one more way now to access “06880.”

20 responses to ““06880” Mobile Users, Rejoice: New App Is Here!

  1. I’ll be damned and thankful…A former pain in the ass made painless. Thank ya’ll.

  2. Greatest thing since holes put in Swiss cheese

  3. Congrats on the new app! But we can still receive 06880 by email correct? I find it readable and accessible and like the fact that it pops up in my email every day.

  4. Howard Edelstein

    Congrats!!! It is an APP!! Nicely done!!

  5. Good job looking forward to it

  6. So awesome! Westporters continue to amaze me, especially the younger brilliant and talented Westporters like the Jordan brothers!

  7. I didn’t think your amazingly informative blog could get better, how wrong I was! Love the app ~ thank you!

  8. Mary Palmieri Gai

    Love love

  9. This is fabulous, Dan. You make us proud!

  10. This is great. Thank you Matthew and Joshua!

  11. Awesome app! Well done!

  12. Very cool Dan!

  13. There is always an app for that,,,THX

  14. Way cool!

  15. Love it!

  16. Fabulous! My new favorite app!

  17. love the app!!!!

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