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“06880” Mobile Users, Rejoice: New App Is Here!

If you’re reading this story on a smartphone, you know our “06880” interface sucks.

The font size is too small. You have to tap on the headline to get to a readable version (a trick some users don’t know). Some of the features from the laptop/ desktop version are missing.

By the end of this story, all that will change dramatically.

Today, “06880” announces a new app. Designed specifically for smartphones, with many great features, it will make your mobile experience much easier, more enjoyable, and just plain cool.

The “06880” app — available in both iPhone and Android versions — was created by 2 young geniuses. Georgetown University sophomore Matthew Jordan and his Staples High School senior brother Joshua took a very vague concept, and soon developed a very usable, clever and handsome product.

They understood exactly what “06880” is, what our virtual community is about, and what our readers want. They made it all happen, with creativity, grace and good humor. A feature story on these very sharp and fun teenagers is coming soon.

Meanwhile, here’s what you’ll find when you download the app (just search, of course, for “06880”).

A splash screen (below) …

… makes way for the most recent stories (below). Tap one to read it.

Tap on any photo to enlarge it. At the end of a story you can easily comment, reply to a previous comment, or share the story, in a variety of ways.

There are 5 buttons on the bottom (see photo above). The one on the left is the least important; it brings up information about me.

The balloon-like map icon next to it means “Westport.” There’s a photo gallery from our “Pic of the Picks” book that changes every day, along with details about all the restaurants that support “06880.”

The restaurant list is randomized; it too changes daily. Clicking on any restaurant brings up more information, plus its menu and social media.

The middle icon is the “home” button. It brings you back to the “Stories” page.

The headphones are for podcasts. One click takes users to dozens of “06880” podcasts — a partnership with the Westport Library.

The dollar sign on the far right is a “donate” button. Contributing to “06880” has never been easier 🙂

At the top left of the app is a magnifying glass. Click on to search the entire “06880” archives. (Stories with the keyword in the title appear first; then come stories where the keyword is only in the text.)

A “bookmark” icon on the right allows you to save any story for future reference.

Clicking the “gear” icon at the far right gives the option to have notifications sent directly to your phone. You can choose “immediately” (whenever a new post is published), once every morning (10:30 a.m.) or once every night (9:10 p.m.). It’s possible to enable both morning and nightly recaps.

There you have it: our new app. Just search for “06880” in either the iPhone or Android stores.

Now, thanks to Matthew and Joshua Jordan, you will never squint again.

PS: Don’t want the app? Prefer to continue receiving email notifications about new posts? No problem! That’s not changing. The app is just one more way now to access “06880.”

Roundup: Reader Survey, Baron’s South, Millennial Workplaces …

How do you get “06880”?

Phone? Laptop? Desktop? Tablet?

To make this site as user-friendly as possible, we’d like to know how you access us. And which browser you use.

And just for kicks, your age.

We’ve created a lightning-quick, 3-question survey. Please click here. Your answers are confidential — but very, very helpful.

Tons o’ ways to find us.


Yesterday’s meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission’s Zoning Regulation Revision/Sustainability Subcommittee marked a small step on a long journey.

The subcommittee discussed the possibility of using town-owned residential properties on Baron’s South for affordable housing.

The preliminary concept includes creating a new zone where existing structures are located.

That would enable their adaptive re-use (interior changes only), for conversion to affordable multifamily units.

The late Baron Walter Langer von Langendorff’s “Golden Shadows” home is currently unoccupied. Two structures are currently used for workforce housing.

The P&Z Affordable Housing subcommittee will now create a draft text change, reflecting the concept.

First Selectwoman Jen Tooker and Planning & Zoning director Mary Young joined in the discussion. Public comment was favorable.

1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker and Planning & Zoning Commission chair Danielle Dobin (shown in this file photo from a previous meeting) are exploring the use of existing structures on Baron’s South for affordable housing.


I’m not sure why the qualities of a workplace are different for millennials than the rest of us (older or younger).

But Fortune magazine recently used 500,000 survey results, with 60 statements and 2 open-ended questions, to publish a “Best Workplaces for Millennials” report.

Fortune broke down the rankings into two lists: the top 100 large companies with more than 1,000 employees, and the top 100 small-to-medium sized companies with between 50 and 999 employees.

In the large (1,000 or more employees) category, Westport’s own Bridgewater Associates ranked 60th out of 100.

The world’s largest hedge fund was lauded for fully paid healthcare, a good 401(k) match, and inclusive culture.

In the small-to-medium (50 to 999) category, Daversa Partners in Westport was rated #22.

The Greens Farms Road executive recruiting firm was cited for a “culture that makes employment feel rewarding.” (Hat tip: Allan Siegert)

Millennials love working at Bridgewater.


Westport Police made 3 custodial arrests between July 19 and 26.

A man who took a person’s cell phone during a domestic argument, preventing a 911 call, was charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and interfering with an emergency call.

A man was arrested for driving under the influence, and failure to stop at a stop sign, following an accident on Greens Farms Road at Nyala Farm Road.

A third man was arrested for failure to appear, during an active warrant for his re-arrest.

Police also issued these citations:

  • Traveling unreasonably fast: 6 citations
  • Failure to renew registration: 2
  • Disorderly conduct: 1
  • Evading responsibility: 1
  • Reckless driving: 1
  • Failure to yield right of way: 1
  • Failure to drive in the proper lane: 1
  • Failure to obey stop sign: 1
  • Operating an unregistered motor vehicle: 1
  • Operating a motor vehicle without a license: 1
  • Failure to register a commercial vehicle: 1
  • Failure to comply with state traffic commission regulations: 1

Interfering with a 911 call is a serious offense.


Residents turn to the Westport Library for information, inspiration and  entertainment.

And — in emergencies — for heat, air conditioning, electricity and WiFi.

Now — thanks to a post-COVID $57,462 American Rescue Plan Act grant enhancing its technological infrastructure and wireless connectivity — the Library will serve the community even better when disaster strikes.

When extreme storms like Irene and Isais disruption many lives, more than 12,000 patrons utilized the Library’s internet.

Often, service could not meet demand. The ARPA grant extends the wireless signal beyond Jesup Green and Levitt Pavilion, with 4 more wireless access points installed.

In addition, the Library’s firewall was updated for added safety and security.

That’s great to know.

Let’s hope we never have to use it.

When the power went out during Tropical Storm Isais, Westporters took advantage of the library’s WiFi — masked and socially distanced, of course. (Photo/Miggs Burroughs)


John Richers makes his Church Lane Summer Music Series debut this Saturday (July 29). He starts strumming his guitar at 6 p.m., next to Spotted Horse.

A Westport resident since 2017, he emerged from the COVID shutdown with over 75 songs in his rock/folk/country repertoire. Since venturing back on stage, John has performed at a variety of Fairfield County venues.

Audiences sing along to favorites from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Byrds, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp and Van Morrison, while savoring deeper cuts from the likes of Steve Earle, John Prine, the Wallflowers and Decemberists.

John Richers


Doughnuttery — the sugared mini-doughnut company founded by Westporter Evan Feldman, with 4 New York City locations, 1 on Long Island and 1 in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (!) — has just gone international.

The newest shop is on Avenida Presidente Kennedy, in Santiago, Chile.

Can Westport be far behind?


Staples High School Class of 1972 graduate Brian McGeady died peacefully last Thursday, with his family by his side. He was 69.

He grew up in a tight-knit family with 5 siblings across from Longshore, where his love of golf began. While at Staples he worked at Manero’s and Ye Olde Bridge Grille, which allowed him to buy a prized red ‘Cuda.

He graduated from Boston College in 1976 with a degree in accounting. and worked for Kahan Steiger and Co. in Stamford. Upon passing his CPA exam he was offered a partnership, and remained there until he retired.

He also earned his master’s degree from the University of New Haven. In 1981 Brian married Diane Grosso.

He loved golf, paddleball, the New York Yankees, and spending holidays and vacations with his family.

In addition to his wife Diane, Brian is survived by his children Sean, Kyle and Megan; granddaughter Harper; his faithful companion Rudy; siblings, Meg (Bradley) Sagendorf, Richard (Mary), Elizabeth O’Brien (Chris), Kieran, Lee Yin, (Dan(; his brother-in-law David Grosso, and mother-in-law Eleanor Grosso, and several nieces and nephews. Brian was predeceased by his sister Katherine.

Calling hours are today (Thursday, July 27, 4-7 p.m., Lesko & Polke Funeral Home, Fairfield). A Mass of Christian Burial will take place tomorrow (Friday, July 28, 10:30 a.m., St. Pius X Church, Fairfield(. Interment will follow at Assumption Greens Farms Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Brian McGeady


Longtime Weston resident Frances Manere died Friday at home, surrounded by her family. She was 85.

The Norwalk native was an excellent cook and baker, who enjoyed traveling the world with her late husband Bob.

Survivors include her sons Robert (Robyn) of Bethel, Michael (Lisa) of Hudson, Massachusetts, and Brian of Weston; her brother James Buchta (Connie) of Norwalk; sister in law Rosemary Buchta of Norwalk; 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. She was pre-deceased by her brother, Jack Buchta.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held Monday (July 31, 12:30 p.m., St. Francis of Assisi Church, Weston). Interment will follow in Assumption Cemetery, 73 Greens Farms Road Westport. Click here to leave online condolences.


Johanna Keyser Rossi sends today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo — the first one “06880” has run of a cicada — and says:

“You hear them, but did you ever see one?

“Walking to my car from my house, on the ground in the street was a cicada. I didn’t want him run over, so I  moved him to a safe place.”

(Photo/Johanna Keyser Rossi)


And finally … Sinead O’Connor died yesterday, at 56.

The New York Times called her an “outspoken Irish singer-songwriter known for her powerful, evocative voice, as showcased on her biggest hit, a breathtaking rendition of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” and for her political provocations onstage and off.” Click here for a full obituary.

(Whether you get “06880” on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop — see story above — we are glad you’re part of our online community. Please click here to support our work. Thank you!)

No More Trolls: 10 Years Later

Ten years ago, “06880” made a big change.

After 4 years of a very free-wheeling “Comments” section, I pulled the plug on anonymous posts.

It was a while coming. A place where readers could share thoughts and insights had degenerated into a toxic free-for-all.

The flame-throwers — hiding behind the “free speech” veil — had turned off the vast majority of readers who wanted to hear what others were thinking and saying, and had the courage to say who they actually were.

So I added a new rule: no more anonymous comments. Everyone had to use full, real names.

No more trolls!

That announcement (click here) drew nearly 100 comments.

Almost all were positive. A few people predicted the end of “06880.”

The number of comments went down a bit, but soon rebounded. But instead of 2 or 3 bozos shouting at each other, “06880” became a spot for (mostly) civil conversations.

The dark spirits vanished. “06880” became lighter, freer.

Ten years later, some people are again taking advantage of the privilege of commenting. Sometimes, they feel the need to comment on everything — incessantly.

Other times, they make ad hominem attacks.

Or they hijack the narrative, adding side or irrelevant issues having nothing to do with the original post.

The “Comments” section should be illuminating, not aggravating.

A few days ago, David Loffredo commented: “The trolls will end this blog. Go outside, find a hobby, do something useful. Eventually Dan will give up – more and more these threads have become embarrassing.”

He’s right. It’s time for another change.

Starting right now, all comments must be germane to the topic.

If a post is about downtown parking, there’s no reason to bring in a town body or official who has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Unless the story is about Donald Trump or Hunter Biden, please don’t mention them.

You get the idea.

i spend an inordinate amount of time monitoring the Comments section.

Now it’s time for you to monitor yourselves. Before dashing off an inane or incendiary reply, ask yourself:

  • “Is what I want to say meaningful? Does it enlighten and inform the conversation in town? Or am I just trying to be cute, ‘funny’ or obnoxious?”
  • “Do I know what I’m talking about? Or am I just firing blindly from the hip?”
  • “Have I said enough about this? Is what I’m saying advancing the discussion, or am I just repeating myself?”

What’s “germane”? As Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell Potter Stewart said about obscenity: “I know it when I see it.”

Offenders will be banned quickly.

And, while we’re speaking about comments: I’ve had it with the few (but persistent) readers who try to evade the “use full, real names” rule.

I stand behind everything I write. Nearly every commenter does too.

Have the decency to respect the rules.

Have the courage of your convictions.

Don’t ruin the Comments section for everyone. It’s a privilege, not a right.

And it might not be around forever.

Back in the day, people had to think before they wrote. That’s not a bad idea.




Thanks To All Who Donated To “06880”!

A hearty “06880” thank you to all who donated to this year’s “pledge drive.” Your support of our online community is greatly appreciated.

I hate to ask for funds. But the NPR/PBS model is the only way I can continue to tell stories about the people, places and past of this town; to bring you news and photos, and to do all the back-end stuff no one ever sees but that takes all of my time, 24/7/365.

Someone congratulated me this weekend on 14 years of “06880” — then said, “Sorry I missed your contribution day. I’ll send a check next year.”

Great news! Your money is good any time!

You can donate by PayPal or credit card: click here. It’s easy, safe — and you don’t even need a PayPal account. 

Checks can be mailed to “06880”: PO Box 744, Westport, CT 06881.

I’m also on Venmo: @blog06880

You can even scan this QR code:

If you already donated: thanks again.

If you forgot thanks in advance!

An “06880” Thank You

Yesterday’s “06880” was devoted to gratitude from our readers. You gave thanks for family, friends, health, the beauty and community of Westport, and the opportunity to live in the United States of America.

Today it’s my turn.

I am truly grateful for each and every reader. You make our community — online and off — one of the liveliest, most robust, most fulfilling and fun on earth.

We may not always agree. We may have different views on everything from trees to Trump.

But whatever we talk about — the downtown of yesterday, the homes of today, the Saugatuck of tomorrow — we do so with the common bond of community.

Westport illustrator Stevan Dohanos’ “Saturday Evening Post” cover, Thanksgiving 1941 — 81 years ago.

We are all Westporters, of some type. Something brought us here: to this town, and this corner of cyberspace. Both are places that mean something to us. Something keeps us tied to this town, and this site.

As we look around the planet — the only one we’ve got — we realize we’ve got it pretty damn good.

Thank you for being part of “06880.” Enjoy the day, wherever in town or the world you happen to be.

Seems To Be A WordPress Glitch … I’m Working On It

… that prevented the text of my previous posts from showing. I’m working on it! May be a while.

Hang in there …

Roundup: The Saugatuck, Hook’d, Burying Hill …

Some of the most affordable housing in Westport is hidden in plain sight.

Two 2-bedroom units at The Saugatuck — formerly Saugatuck Elementary School on Bridge Street — will go on the market soon.

The Saugatuck is a senior complex (residents must be at least 62) that caps resale prices to ensure affordability for people with moderate incomes or below. The restriction last year was roughly $105,000 for a single person, and $115,000 for a couple.  There are no asset restrictions.

The property manager maintains a list of interested buyers, for sellers or their agents. For information on how to get on the list, email djallouk@thepropertygroup.net.

The Saugatuck (Photo courtesy of SmartMLS Inc.)


For the past few weeks, a range of readers have complained to “06880” about the Compo Beach concession stand.

Some emailers are angry. Some acknowledge that this is a First World problem. But there are enough of them that they can’t be ignored.

Hook’d took over as the concessionaire from Joey’s by the Shore in 2020. They did not open that COVID-plagued year. Last year’s opening was delayed too. Many Westporters gave the new operators the benefit of the doubt; replacing a 30-year beloved institution would not be easy.

But patience is wearing thin. Here’s a typical email:

“I was there on Tuesday with grandkids at 4 pm. NO ICE CREAM. The place looked empty of everything.

“One of the workers said there have been lots of complaints about running out of things. It has no atmosphere, and is the exact opposite of Joey’s. And the food is very mediocre. I had a terrible hot dog. Burgers are so so.

“Compo beach needs a great beach stand. Have you heard this from anyone else?”

Yes. Other issues include early and random closures, and no posted operating hours.

There’s this too:

“A little birdie told me when the manager sends his supply list, corporate cuts it to their liking. It’s so not Joey’s. Typical ‘corporate.’ They don’t care about us Westporters. Just their bottom line.”

One reader wonders why, even when no one else is in the place, Hook’d employees insist on taking a customer’s cell phone number, to text when it’s ready.

Readers: What’s your experience with Hook’d? What are they doing well, or poorly? Are there any easy fixes? Click “Comments” below.

Hook’d is open. But customers don’t always know when. (Photo/Karen Como)


Speaking of beaches: The Burying Hill pier/groin reconstruction job is done. The final construction crew left on Friday.

Before departure they poured a new, low cement wall in the parking lot, to keep vehicles from driving on the sand.

The new construction looks great, and the crew was efficient and engaged. Congratulations to all involved, for bringing this important environmental project to fruition. (Hat tip: Eric Bosch)

Burying Hill Beach pier. (Photo/Eric Bosch)


The Congregation for Humanistic Judaism hosts “Havdalah on the Beach” next Saturday (July 9, 6 p.m., Compo  Beach).

Everyone is invited for a short service, with folk and klezmer music. Guests can swap Jewish-themed books too.

The CHJ will provide homemade desserts and soft drinks. Bring dinner, adult drinks and a beach chair. There’s no need for a beach pass; tell the gate guard that you are attending the CHJ event, and follow the signs.

Havdalah at Compo Beach.


The next Westport Country Playhouse “Sunday Symposium” guest is Ins Choi. The writer of “Kim’s Convenience” — the play that inspired the popular Netflix series, and which is the next WCP production — will talk about the show, following the July 10 matinee.

The Sunday Symposium is free and open to the public. No performance ticket is necessary; just arrive 80 minutes after the 3 p.m. curtain.

Perviews for “Kim’s Convenience begin July 5, with opening night on July 9. For information on tickets and special offers, including discounts for students, senior citizens, educators, military, first responders, Indigenous peoples, professional playwrights and groups, click here.

Ins Choi


“06880” subscription news: Issues continue to plague readers with Optonline.net addresses,

WordPress and Optonline don’t play well together. The great folks at the new Optimum store near Fresh Market are working on the issue, but have not yet solved it.

If you know someone with an Optonline.net address is not receiving “06880,” ask them to email 06880blog@gmail.com. I’ll send a list of troubleshooting steps.

The easiest solution, of course, is to subscribe to “06880” using a different email address.


The renovation of Longshore may be years away.

But there’s a new addition, near ER Strait Marina.

The Kahuna waterslide popped up the other day. It serves summer campers.

Though plenty of older folks no doubt want to give it a try.

(Photo/Bruce McFadden)


MaryLou Bell died peacefully Thursday at her Westport home, surrounded by family. She was 83.

Born to Patsy and Antonette Doddo, she was a life-long Westport resident. She graduated from Staples High School in 1956.

MaryLou was a well-respected local banker. She began with the Westport Bank & Trust Company while in high school. She sun-bathed on her lunch breaks with fellow employees on the roof of the downtown building (now Patagonia).

Loyal customers followed her to newest bank branches in her capacity as branch manager. Through the years she worked with Connecticut Bank & Trust, the Bank of Darien, the Bank of Westport and others. She ended her career in 2012 at Fairfield County Bank.

MaryLou enjoyed New York outings with colleagues, taking in Broadway shows and dinner. Her vacations in North Truro on Cape Cod were special to her. She volunteered at the Sons of Italy Festival Italiano and Westport PAL’s annual golf tournament, and was a member of Westport Sunrise Rotary.

She was active in local politics during the 1970s and ’80s, with the Republican Town Committee and Save Westport Now. Her family says, “She enjoyed spending time at the Westport Senior Center, and sharing laughs with her friends and family. She was fiercely independent, a straight-shooter, and was never afraid to express her thoughts to others. MaryLou lived life her way.”

MaryLou’s family thanks her exceptional caregivers Millie and Thomasine for providing friendship along with compassionate care.

MaryLou is survived by her daughter Kathy )Scott) Santarella of Westport; son Bob (Marybeth) Stephens of Suffolk, Virginia; grandchildren Jordan  and Jamie Santarella, and Wesston, Tyler, Ashley and Will Stephens; sister and brother-in-law Annette & AJ Izzo of Westport; her brother-in-law Ray (Linda) Barry of Fairfield, and many cousins, nieces and nephews.

MaryLou was predeceased by her husband of 35 years, William Bell, in 2000, and her youngest sister Angela M. Doddo in 2001.

Friends may greet the family on Wednesday (July 6, 4 to 7 p.m., Harding Funeral Home). A mass of Christian Burial will celebrated at Assumption Church on  Thursday (July 7, 10 a.m.). Entombment will follow at Willowbrook Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to ­­­­the American Heart Association, or the charity of your choice.

MaryLou Bell


You’ve got to be carefully taught.

In the case of humans, that covers just about everything.

For tree swallows, it’s how to catch insects

The other day, a few babies awaited their mother’s lessons. She took each out, one at a time, while the others waited.

Nancy Diamond captured the scene, for “Westport … Naturally.”

(Photo/Nancy Diamond)


And finally … today marks the halfway point of 2022. (Well, any year actually. But this is the one we care about now.)

183 days are gone; 182 remain. It’s all downhill from here.

(We’re halfway through the year. If you haven’t donated yet to support “06880,” please consider helping. Just click here!)

Roundup: Sustainable Westport, Mothers Day Pig …

Earlier today, “06880” featured musician/Westporter Sophie B. Hawkins’ experience with food scrap recycling. (Spoiler alert: She’s passionate about it.)

That’s one Sustainable Westport initiative. There are many more. And you can check them out at the organization’s newly redesigned website.

It highlights news, events and action items. There are resources for reducing carbon footprints for residents as well as businesses, in areas like energy, transportation, landscaping and purchasing, plus information on social equity and sustainability.

There are links too to the Zero Food Waste Challenge, Restaurant Certification program, and Green Building Awards.

Click here for the website, then dive in.


WordPress’ new formatting means that for some “06880” readers, photos are elongated. For others, the print is smaller than before.

I didn’t make the change, and I can’t fix it. But here’s a pro tip: Click on the headline of any “06880.” It should magically appear in the correct format.

I’m sorry you need to take that extra step. But I hope it helps.

Elongated photos, this morning (courtesy of Jack Backiel)


Jolantha — Weston’s favorite pig — wishes a happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.

She just hopes you don’t have ham for dinner.

(Photo/Hans Wilhelm)


The weather has been a bit un-May-like. But on a rare nice day recently, June Rose Whittaker captured this “Westport … Naturally” image at the Longshore golf course 7th hole.

(Photo/June Rose Whittaker)


And finally … one more Mothers Day wish, this one from “06880”!


Thanks To All Who Donated To “06880”

A hearty “06880” thank you to all who donated to this year’s “pledge drive.” Your support of our online community is greatly appreciated.

I hate to ask for funds. But the NPR/PBS model is the only way I can continue to tell stories about the people, places and past of this town; to bring you news and photos, and to do all the back-end stuff no one ever sees but that takes all of my time, 24/7/365.

Someone congratulated me this weekend on 13 years of “06880” — then said, “Sorry I missed your contribution day. I’ll send a check next year.”

Great news! Your money is good any time!

You can donate by PayPal or credit card: click here. It’s easy, safe — and you don’t even need a PayPal account. 

Checks can be mailed to “06880”: PO Box 744, Westport, CT 06881.

I’m also on Venmo: @blog06880

You can even scan this QR code:

If you already donated: thanks again.

If you forgot thanks in advance!


Ask Me Another!

The Question Box — “06880”‘s newest feature — is a hit.

Where does the name Compo come from? Who tags Canada geese? When did Carvel open?

These are all legit questions. I — and our online community of avid Westporters — do our best to answer them.

But those are not the only questions I get.

Not by a long shot.

Readers seem to think I know everything. Or they think I am the reference desk at the Westport Library. Or that it’s easier to ask me than Google. Or Siri.

Sure, the “06880” tagline is “Where Westport meets the world.” Welcome to mine.

Enjoy this sampling of some of the emails I’ve gotten over the past couple of months. They are 100% real. You can’t make this stuff up. 

Well, you can. I can’t.

Which Westport restaurants have invested in HEP filters?

I’m having a hard time finding an NPR station. Any suggestions?

Is Phil & Tim’s Good Humor truck still in business?

I once ran a photo of Phil & Tom’s (not Tim’s) ice cream truck. I did not follow their career after that.

I saw your story about the Staples High School Class of 1977. Please send a list of students from that class.

Can you connect me with any British mystery writers living in the area?

I have an old Staples High megaphone. Do you know who would want it?

I need a tutor in public speaking for my daughter.

Someone takes down all the notices in the common area of my condo. What can I do?

Do you have the recipe for the seafood salad at Peter’s Weston Market?

There is a drone above my house. Is it the police?

Whose drone? How the !@#$%^& would I know?

Levitt Pavilion tickets are sold out. Will they release more?

Could you ask the appropriate state legislators to start fixing the Saugatuck bridge while the traffic is light during COVID?

Please let me know how to get in touch with Christopher Plummer.

I was in a Kings Highway production of “Twelfth Night” in 1970. Do any photos or articles exist regarding this event?

I can’t log on to the library website. Can you contact them, and ask them to get in touch with me?

Does the Farmer’s Market allow dogs?

There was an electronics repair service on Riverside Avenue in the early 1970s. I spent a lot of time there, and became an electrical engineer. His kindness altered my life, but I can’t remember his name, or the shop’s. Do you?

What cemetery is [name redacted — an artist] buried in? His granddaughter is visiting, and we want to find his gravesite.

All of a sudden I’m a cemetery expert? (Photo/Justin Cheng)

I wonder if you might have a picture from the start of the 1970 Thistle championship at Cedar Point Yacht Club.

Where can I drop off extra Halloween candy?

Traffic is much worse on the Post Road. Can you do something about it?

As I sit here making meals during COVID-19, I wonder how many more of us were taught to sew by Mrs. Narramor at Bedford Junior High. Are you able to find out?

I know you are always super busy, but I would consider it a great favor if you could find out what class my mother [name redacted] was in at Staples?

Do you know why the Minuteman statue does not have his Christmas hat on? Many of us look forward to it every year.

The Minute Man, in “hattier” days.

Why is the new South Beach bathroom closed during winter?

[From a realtor]: We are having a large event here at a new listing. It will be a very special broker open, and I would love to get a little buzz going about it. Can you give me a call and we can discuss details?

I want a high quality photo of the original Westport Pizzeria on Main Street. Where can I get one?

It’s very strange that my weather app shows Westport with an unhealthy air quality: 172. New York’s air quality index is 90. What’s that about?

How many electric vehicles were sold in Connecticut in 2016, 2017 and 2018?

In the 1970s I can’t remember which year exactly, but I took a belly dancing class with others. We performed at Longshore. I know there was an article about it in the Westport News. I was just wondering if there was a way you could find it. It’s just a fun memory for me.

How often has Westport had a Category 2 storm with winds over 90 mph?

I spotted this parrot in the tree behind my place [photo attached]. Lost pet? Indigenous? Any ideas?

I’ll be 75 this June, and been reminiscing about Westport. I lived there for only 3 years, but I enjoyed Staples, Class of 1963. Do you have any information about a lovely family for whom I babysat, mostly in the summers, until I left for college? Their surname was [redcacted], and their delightful kids names were [redacted]. I have a blank as to the address. In my old age I feel like touching base, as the parents and kids and I got along so well. If you can give me a lead as to their wheerabouts, I’d really appreciate it. There might be a good story in this too.

My father passed away [name redacted], and I need to write an obituary. We are fuzzy about his Staples football career. He played in [year redacted]. Any info you can find that would help such as his position, record for the years he played and what records he holds would be appreciated. The obit is due this Friday. Thank you.

This is not your father, the Staples football player.