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“06880” Podcast: Maxx Crowley

Everyone has an opinion about downtown.

So does Maxx Crowley. But his means more than most: He’s president of the Westport Downtown Association.

Just 30 years old — and a native Westporter, from a noted local family — he plays a key role in the retail, restaurant and entertainment life of this town.

The other day, we chatted on the Westport Library’s Trefz Forum stage for the latest “06880” podcast. Click here for our wide-ranging (and very upbeat) conversation.

Screenshot of Maxx Crowley.

“06880” Podcast: Stacie Curran & Sharuna Mahesh

Westport is many things to many people. For those with disabilities — physical or intellectual — it’s a place with possibilities and opportunities.

And challenges.

Stacie Curran and Sharuna Mahesh have been active in the local disabilities community — and the larger Westport community — for years. They are strong advocates for the educational, recreational and social needs of people of all ages.

The other day at the Westport Library, we talked about their work, and our town. What do we do well here, for people with mobility or cognitive differences? What needs work? What are the resources? What else is needed? What are the success stories, and what are the misconceptions and myths?

Click below for our conversation. It’s insightful, fascinating — and very important.

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“06880” Podcast: Dr. Nikki Gorman

For years, Dr. Nikki Gorman was known as a beloved local pediatrician.

Now she’s helping adults get and stay healthy too.

Dr. Gorman recently opened the Westport Medical and Wellness Center, behind the CVS parking lot. It’s a special place, integrating direct primary medicine with yoga, massage, acupuncture, meditation and other holistic types of care.

How and why did she pivot? What’s the difference between working with kids, and now their parents? How did she end up in the healthcare in the first place?

Those are some of the questions I asked recently, when we chatted in the Westport Library’s Trefz Forum. Click below for an intriguing look into Dr. Niiki Gorman’s world.

“06880” Podcast: “Jazz Rabbi” Greg Wall

Westport is filled with very intriguing people, doing very interesting things.

At the top of any list is Greg Wall. The “Jazz Rabbi” leads the Beit Chaverim modern Orthodox congregation. His side gig: He’s an internationally known jazz saxophonist.

From a shul in the East Village to Carnegie Hall; from the Torah to Miles Davis, and (of course) from his synagogue on Friday nights to jazz at the VFW Post on Thursdays, the Jazz Rabbi does it all.

The other day, we sat on the Westport Library Verso Studios’ stage. He talked about his journey from suburban Boston (spoiler alert: he was not observant) to suburban Westport, plus all the religious and musical stops in between.

I asked about the intersections, challenges and joys of his 2 lives. I also asked about his other interests (spoiler alert: he’s a sailor too).

Click below for our fascinating conversation.

“06880” Podcast: John Videler

As much as I enjoy writing “06880,” I know many readers come for the photos.

And in a constellation of stellar “06880” photographers, John Videler shines very, very brightly.

The other day he put down his camera, headed to the Westport Library, and chatted about his craft.

I spoke with the 2nd-generation Videler Photography owner (his father started the business) about how he works; the variety of his clients; his favorite shots in Westport, and (of course) what it was like to grow up here.

Click below for our interview. To see some of John’s “06880” work, click here.

“06880” Podcast: Tom Henske


It — and what it buys — is everywhere in Westport. From homes, cars and clothes to investments, vacations and college tuition, we think and talk about it. A lot.

Many Westporters make their living helping others make more of it.

But most of us don’t know how to talk about it. Especially with kids.

Tom Henske knows how to make it — and discuss it. A noted wealth manager and financial planning advisor who now consults on life insurance matters with high-net worth individuals, he is on a mission to educate parents on how to talk about $$$$ with their children.

He’s developed a program called “Money-Smart.” He’s a frequent contributor to CNBC. The other day, he sat down in the Westport Library’s Trefz Forum, for a Verso Studios “06880” podcast.

It was a fascinating, informative chat. The half hour you’ll invest in watching the video below may may pay dividends for years to come.

“06880” Podcast: Danielle Dobin

Nearly every Westport issue — affordable housing, traffic, a changing retail environment, trees — involves development, and the changes Westport undergoes, embraces, accepts, rejects or otherwise undergoes.

Which means they all involve, in some way and at some point, the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Chair Danielle Dobin sees it all. The other day, I chatted with her in the Westport Library’s Verso Studios for the latest “06880” podcast. She spoke candidly and insightfully about the pieces of the P&Z puzzle we all see — and those most of us never think about.

Click below for our podcast:

“06880” Podcast: Tom Scarice

In less than 2 years, superintendent of schools Thomas Scarice has made a name as one of Westport’s most trusted leaders.

He’s also one of the most popular guests on “06880: The Podcast.”

The reasons for both are clear: He is a clear communicator. He speaks with clarity, and does not duck difficult issues. He has a vision, and — though he knows not everyone will agree with all, or even some, of it — he wants the town to hear it.

This week, Superintendent Scarice returns to the Westport Library’s Verso Studios. I asked about 2 main topics: the physical state of our school facilities, and the importance of connection and belonging among all who spend their days in those buildings.

Click below for another fascinating conversation with our town’s top educator.

“06880” Podcast: David Pogue

There might be someone in Westport who does more interesting things, meets more interesting people, has his hand in more projects, and reaches a wider audience, than David Pogue.

But I haven’t met him or her.

As a “CBS Sunday Morning” correspondent — “explainer,” he calls it — he covers any topic worth delving into, from cryptocurrency to how Ukrainians use technology in wartime.

He’s also been a PBS “Nova” star (that’s a pun he might make). He’s written about technology for the New York Times, Scientific American, Yahoo, and in more “Missing Manual” books than even he can count.

And that doesn’t count his decade as a Broadway conductor.

Hard to believe we covered all that — plus what brought him to Westport, and what keeps him here — in our 30-minute conversation at the Library. But that’s part of the Pogue magic. (He’s a magician too. No fooling.)

Click below for our podcast, courtesy of the Westport Library’s Verso Studios. It’s almost as good as “CBS Sunday Morning.”

“06880” Podcast: Jack Mitchell

Mitchells may own 8 high-end clothing stores on both coasts. But since its humble beginnings in Westport 64 years ago, they’ve never lost their small-town, human touch.

As the son of founders Ed and Norma Mitchell, Jack Mitchell carries on the family tradition. He’s helped raise service to a new level.

Jack has written best-selling books about “hugging” customers and employees. He’s an internationally known speaker.

The other day, he sat on the Westport Library stage with me. We chatted about Mitchells, the state of retailing today, Westport old and young — and hugging.

Click below for our homey, half-hour conversation.