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Friday Flashback #276

The PAL Ice Skating Rink at Longshore is celebrating its 25th winter.

Westporters of all ages love the large oval near the tennis courts, a few yards from the shore.

It wasn’t always that big. And it wasn’t always right there.

The first, much smaller PAL rink was located closer to the Inn.

We don’t have any photos. But Patti Brill has a painting:

She and her husband Doug loved taking their 4 children there. When they saw Terry Lewis’ depiction of the rink, they bought it.

Grown kids, and one move later, it still reminds the Brills of those early, smaller days.

If You See Something, Say Something (Updates In Story)

Patti Brill is a dynamo — involved in tons of activities, mother of 4, one of the women who really make Westport go.

The other day On Wednesday, January 4, between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m., she was at the library, working on a fundraising event for the Farmers’ Market.

When she went to her car in the upper lot, she was shocked to see that someone had smashed in the entire left side. “It’s substantial,” she says. “The entire back door must be replaced, and the left back tire rim is also damaged. I can’t imagine what it will cost to repair.”

(This just in: The estimate is $2,700.)

Far worse: There was no note.

“I can’t imagine what type of person does something like this,” she says.

“I’m also very surprised that no one saw or heard anything” — or at least left a note about what they’d seen.

Patti knows I’ve written before about bad drivers — and discourteous Westporters. This combines the worst element of both: those who cause damage (and then run away), and those who don’t want to get involved to help their neighbors.

She asked if I’d mention this incident in “06880.” I am, unfortunately, happy to.

But you can’t keep a good Patti down. Her email ended:

“On the bright side, it was another life lesson to discuss with my kids at the dinner table.”