If You See Something, Say Something (Updates In Story)

Patti Brill is a dynamo — involved in tons of activities, mother of 4, one of the women who really make Westport go.

The other day On Wednesday, January 4, between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m., she was at the library, working on a fundraising event for the Farmers’ Market.

When she went to her car in the upper lot, she was shocked to see that someone had smashed in the entire left side. “It’s substantial,” she says. “The entire back door must be replaced, and the left back tire rim is also damaged. I can’t imagine what it will cost to repair.”

(This just in: The estimate is $2,700.)

Far worse: There was no note.

“I can’t imagine what type of person does something like this,” she says.

“I’m also very surprised that no one saw or heard anything” — or at least left a note about what they’d seen.

Patti knows I’ve written before about bad drivers — and discourteous Westporters. This combines the worst element of both: those who cause damage (and then run away), and those who don’t want to get involved to help their neighbors.

She asked if I’d mention this incident in “06880.” I am, unfortunately, happy to.

But you can’t keep a good Patti down. Her email ended:

“On the bright side, it was another life lesson to discuss with my kids at the dinner table.”

11 responses to “If You See Something, Say Something (Updates In Story)

  1. VETDOC at Compo

    This type of thing has happened to me twice with two different vehicles. Also, never a note placed. First you get hit, emotionally, seeing the damage to your car. Then, when you find the S.O.B. that did it, did not have the decency to leave some contact information, the anger sets in. You also feel helpless and alone.
    I feel for you…………..a miserable experience, for sure.
    If the individual responsible is a big enough person, and not a coward, why not DO THE RIGHT THING!

    Here’s your last chance!

  2. Guy saw a car back into another car in a parking lot. Driver got out and left a note on the windshield.
    Guy tells owner: “Someone hit your car.”
    “Did you get the license?”
    “Nope. Didn’t have to, he left a note.”
    Owner goes out, gets note, and it’s BLANK!

  3. This happened to me last year, on Christmas Eve. I went to pick up a gift for someone, and came out and there was a huge dent in the car, right where a big SUV bumper knocked my car, and of course, no note. I felt what Vetdoc describes, and then thought, “Whoever did this and didn’t own up and leave a note, has bad karma (CARma)!”.

  4. I’m so sorry, Patti. I certainly hope this posting helps find the culprit!

  5. The Dude Abides

    There is always hope. Remember the blog article about the person who returned $100.00 to the YMCA after ten years or so. I am surprised with all the surveillance cameras that less and less of this hit&run nonsense continues. Give my lady a radar gun and she wants to start giving out speeding tickets on North Avenue. Hey if the cops ain’t gonna do it, why not???

  6. Four years ago, I accidently nicked a car while backing into a parking spot in NYC. The damage is barely visible: the scratch is about an inch long, nary a dent. Instead of ignoring this very minor incident, I waited for the owner of the car to return. I was expecting a “oh, don’t worry about it” however this lady driver raised hell and demanded all kind of information from me. It went on for additional 15 minutes. While I futilely tried to explain my good gesture, she threatened to call 911. Eventually I gave in and wrote out a check of $150. She promised to mail me the receipt for the repair. It never came.
    In retrospect, I wish I had NOT brought up the attention to the other party.

  7. Patti just emailed me:The repair estimate is $2,700.

    She also asked me to mention the date of the hit-and-run: Wednesday, January 4, between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m.

  8. Was she parked in the upper or the lower parking lot?

  9. Last year while picking up sports medals for some 125 kids, I did take out one very nice mailbox with the back of my car, while attempting to reverse into a driveway to turn around. We are somewhat new to town, I was lost, and GPS of no help! Even though embarrassment was immeasurable, I picked up what was left of the mailbox & walked right up to the front door with my checkbook. These lovely people never cashed my check, as I’m sure they felt I punished myself enough with the walk of shame and the $1000 of damage done to the back of my car. Long story longer……KARMA……….made me do it & I’d do it again. I’ve been on the receiving end of the hit and run & it stinks. Hopefully you’ll find whoever did this to you Patti, if not…..hmm…….he/she better watch out. 😉

  10. Linda Gramatky Smith

    One time when my daughter was little (she’s now 42) we were in a NJ shopping mall and I saw a woman jump into her car, and totally sideswipe the car next to her. She stopped and DID leave a note (I thought). But I knew the old story about this, so I put my daughter up on the bumper of our car and pretended to tie her shoe (over and over) while I memorized the license plate … just in case. Well, when the driver left, I checked the windshield and of course she had left just an empty piece of paper. I wrote on it to say that I’d seen the whole thing and it was a woman and her license plate was such-and-such, and then I gave my name and telephone number. The owner of the damaged car called me the next day SO grateful because his insurance co. had told him that as long as he had that little piece of paper from me, the woman’s insurance company would never refuse to pay!!!

    It’s such a simple thing to do, but it sure makes the world of difference to someone who has to pay for the repair of a car.

    (Oh yeah, a few years ago I too left a note when I BARELY touched a bumper when backing out of a crowded parking lot, going 2 mph, for a House Tour. The back bumper was all dented and banged in, and stupidly I didn’t think to take a photo of it with my car phone. I just did the right thing. Phooey. The nasty guy over on Cross Highway scammed me by getting a completely new bumper at $1,000+. I know his name and he is a dirtbag. But like Kevin said (above) if you really haven’t done damage, be careful admitting guilt to someone who may not be very honorable.)