Grand Reopening Of Art’s: This Monday

Enough said.


16 responses to “Grand Reopening Of Art’s: This Monday

  1. VETDOC at Compo

    Might just have to take Monday off from work to get there early.
    So very happy you guys are back! We’ve missed you!
    I can taste the brisket already…………………..


  2. Road trip!

  3. Richard Lawrence Stein

    I think the holidays are truly here… What a great present…. Arts Deli paper is the best wrapping job of any gift I know

  4. Wow Westport ( again ) Rit. Can you ship a RB on Rye to Sarasota?

  5. Awesome news. Now if we could only get the Bridge Grille to reopen across the street…

  6. 06880 MEETING AT NOON


  7. Nick Thiemann

    Good luck. I remember the stack of sandwiches on hand Sunday mornings ready to be taken to the Giants game at Yale Bowl.

  8. When is Big Top coming back??? LOL..

    Can’t wait to get to Art’s next week..

  9. Its wonderful to see such a great place resurrected. I have some fond memories of grabbing a Italian Sub ( or two) before heading to riverside marina or the beach. I remember the sandwiches were so popular Art started making them ahead. This made it easier on those of us who were willing to risk double parking in order to get Arts Combo. I wish Richard the same success!

  10. I have a confession to make: I never did eat at the original Art’s. What years was it open? (I did eat at the original Big Top though! That should count for something.)

    I promise to make amends and check out the new place after the initial feeding frenzy dies down. And since I’m still waiting to meet The Dude Abides, here’s my offer to the Dude: lunch is on me at Art’s if you agree to meet me there. You can email me at so we can set a time and day. (And, please, no impostors claiming to be the Dude. He played on the Staples soccer team with my brother so I will quickly find out who’s the real deal.)

  11. Don Willmott

    Is there any parking for Art’s?

    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      Yes you can park in the back off riverside and walk around on the river side and be all good to go

      • I don’t think that there is parking in the back but there is some public parking across the street at the former Inn at National Hall.

    • Nick Thiemann


  12. I really missed the deli it,s back yey
    Rosi jackson