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You Can Go Home (To Art’s) Again

Dan Lasley is an avid reader of — and commenter on — “06880.”

He’s also a longtime Westport fan. And an ex-pat.

A few years ago, he moved away. But the lure of “home” is strong. Yesterday he sent along this story:

Every year we return to Westport in the spring for some business.

Last weekend I got up early to go ref at the Westport Soccer Association‘s WIN tournament. I used to manage the referees for this event. It was good to see all the usual (ref) suspects, including Stuart McCarthy and Robby Casey.

Afterward we headed over to Art’s, and grabbed an Italian combo – the first in how long? I can’t believe I used to eat the whole thing myself in one sitting!

We then headed down to Saugatuck Shores (checking out the rebuilt Riverside area), where we found our old house half demolished (or half restored, depending on your perspective).

Chatted with a few neighbors (apparently Hurricane Irene damaged many houses), and ate our sammiches on the beach. Cockenoe Island and Peck’s Ledge light are right where we left them — it’s all good.

After a brief nap, we headed over to Dunville’s for a burger. The waitress remembered us after 3 years! OK, so we’re kind of easy to remember, but still it was flattering.

Monday morning we took care of our business, then went back to Art’s for roast beef with sharp provelone. Laura popped into to Achorn’s because they have the best selection of hair clips — who knew?

As we drove back toward Philly, we passed 2 tractor-trailers that had hit bridges on the Merritt/Hutch. Where else does that happen?

Westport is a great place to visit. We miss our many friends — even though we didn’t tell anyone we were coming to town this year.

We’ll be back again.

Aaaaahhhhhrt’s (New Photo Added)

Alert “06880” reader Chip Stephens reports:

Just bit into my first Art’s Special in 20+ years.


Grand Reopening Of Art’s: This Monday

Enough said.


Breaking News — Wishes Do Come True

I just got this email from Richard Falcone:

Thank you for your kind words and support.  The rumors are true.

The original Art’s Deli will be returning in the coming weeks.  The Falcone family is proud to serve Westport again.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good!

Back To The Future?

Once upon a time, Art’s Deli was the go-to place on the west bank of the Saugatuck River.

Located directly across from National Hall — just before the light — it served the best cold cuts this side of Arthur Avenue.

Calling the subs and grinders “overstuffed” does not do them justice.  Two hands were not enough to hold them.

Today, alert “06880” reader Peter Propp sent this photo:

“Any news?” he asks.

Forget 35 Church Lane, the upcoming elections, and everything else in town.

If you know anything about the return of Art’s to Westport, please click “Comments.”

This is crucial stuff, people.