Aaaaahhhhhrt’s (New Photo Added)

Alert “06880” reader Chip Stephens reports:

Just bit into my first Art’s Special in 20+ years.


17 responses to “Aaaaahhhhhrt’s (New Photo Added)

  1. VETDOC at Compo

    Can’t wait until its my turn! Yum!


  2. Dan checkout my facebook…see the comments there. I am twelve again thank you for making my year.


  4. As an example of changes in the economy, what is the price of a fully loaded?

  5. Wow.
    Just wow!
    …cleaning up drool now.

  6. Is it as good as before?

  7. Italian Combo

    Think Handel’s Messiah good!

  8. I was only a year old when Art’s closed. I was a little skeptical of the claims of “insane amounts of meat,” given that I have heard that about many a deli in the past that disappointed me in terms of portions.

    I had a sandwich there an hour ago. My god. The hype is true. I think I had an entire pig and an entire turkey on that sandwich. The cheese & bread were amazing too, as was the price. Easily unseats Calise’s for my favorite deli in town.

  9. Dan, publishing a picture like that, and reporting reviews from salivating readers is cruel and unnatural punishment for those of us many miles away, with nothing but our Art’s memories. For shame.

  10. kirsten woods

    I’ve boasted for weeks about how amazing Art’s is- Yesterday my 11 year old daughter wanted a roast beef sandwich- i said sure we’ll go to Art’s!
    The delish giant sandwich was $5.00 and the best either of us had ever had. i was under the impression we would share it but no, i was only give 2 bites after much begging- We have yet another Art’s fan!!

  11. I remember the deli in Norwalk in the late 60’s to 71 when i graduated high school with Art Falcone, junior. He always invited his friends down to his pop’s shop where we’d be treated to free sandwiches. I’ll be going right after i log out.

  12. hours???

  13. theres actually a food place in westport? shocking.

  14. Maureen Hoedtke

    My husband I live in Meriden and drove to Art’s deli for a grinder. This is our second visit in 3 weeks and well worth the trip. The grinders are so fully packed with meat and the bread is so fresh and crisp and the price is unreal, so inexpensive! I know my uncle Art is looking down at my cousin, Rit, and his 2 sons, and is so proud of what he has done. I wish Rit all the best.

  15. rosemary jackson

    Want to split a sandwich . I could never finish it myself