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Climate Change Comes To Compo

Spotted this morning at South Beach (Westport, not Miami):

(Photo/Randy Christophersen)

Best Worst Parking Job. Ever

I have no idea what went on here, earlier this afternoon:

But it goes without saying:

It happened in the Compo Shopping Center parking lot.

Paying It Forward At Pearl

The other day, Kelly Lavoie and her husband Rick celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary at Pearl.

The couple at the next table were celebrating their 13th anniversary — and the husband’s birthday.

All 4 shared a nice conversation, and best wishes. Then the younger couple said goodbye and left.

When Rick asked for the check, their server said the other couple had already paid it.

Kelly and Rick were speechless. Days later, they still can’t believe it.

Unfortunately, she says, they did not get the other couple’s names. They just know they’re from Rowayton.

“If for some reason they see this, we want to thank them,” Kelly says.

“It was such a wonderful surprise — the ultimate ‘paying it forward.’ We are amazed by your generosity!”

Kelly and Rick Lavoie

O Canada!

Westport loves its duck.

For the 2nd year in a row, the 23-foot high, 15-foot wide, 15-foot long, 260-pound “Sunny” is floating in the Saugatuck River. It’s a very visible (and quite yellow) reminder of the Sunrise Rotary Club’s upcoming Great Duck Race (this Saturday, June 3 — click here for details).

(Photo/Wendy Cusick)

Things are less ducky north of the border.

The BBC reports that another version of the duck — twice as tall as Westport’s will  float in Toronto’s waterfront, for a festival celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. It then travels across the province, for an “Ontario 150” tour.

The duck in Toronto.

The provincial government is picking up some of the tab. But Progressive Conservative officials have called it “an absolute cluster duck” and “quack economics.”


Of course, Sunny’s a lot cuter.

(Hat tip: Siobhan Crise)

NOT The Pic Of The Day

Within the past few days, 3 different “06880” readers have sent me nearly similar photos of the same scene:

I didn’t post anything, because

  • It’s kind of a gross picture, and
  • I couldn’t think of a clever headline or caption, and
  • A certain segment of readers think I “always” look on the negative side of things.

But the 3rd time’s the charm.

In “Alice’s Restaurant,” Arlo Guthrie once warbled — I’m paraphrasing here — “If 3 people do it, it’s an organization!

Then he said something like: “And if 50 people do it, it’s a movement!”

Time to see some movement in the Baldwin parking lot.

Sunny Breaks Through Clouds

Though dirty and bruised, Sunny the Duck is back bobbin’ along.

The very large and quite noticeable mascot for next Saturday’s Sunrise Rotary Great Duck Race had a rough couple of days. High winds toppled the poor guy.

A lesser duck might have folded.

But Sunny is made of sterner stuff. Here he is, an hour or so ago:

(Photo/Wendy Cusick)

To honor Sunny at next Saturday’s race — or just participate and have fun — click here.

The Perks Of Being A Barista’s Mother

The quote above belongs to Katherine Bruan.

The photo below is hers too:

Happy Mother’s Day to every “06880” mom.

The ones who live here now, and the ones who once did.

The ones who are 30, and the ones who are 90.

The ones with 1-year-olds, and the ones whose own moms are no longer here.

Thanks for all you do. You help make this town wonderful.

In other words, you are all great-grand-mothers!

One-Stop Shopping

(Photo/Andy Yemma)

Moving Morris

This morning’s “06880” story — about Miggs Burroughs’ “Signs of Compassion” photo project — noted that it’s the last exhibit in the Westport Library’s Great Hall before their transformation project begins.

The library will remain open during the renovation. But preparations are already underway.

Art throughout the building is being packed up and stored.

Next Friday, it’s Morris Jesup’s turn.

The iconic bust of the library’s founding patron will head to Town Hall, where he will chill out for the transformation duration.

From left: Carole Erger-Fass, Christine Timmons, Judy Auber Jahnel, Morris Jesup  and Kathie Motes Bennewitz. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Before he goes, the library invites fans to come by, and take your photo with the old guy. In the photo above, library staffers and town arts curator Kathie Motes Bennewitz show how it’s done.

Photos can be shared on social media. Use the hashtag #Moving Morris.

He looks austere. But don’t be put off.

Morris Jesup is down for anything.

Broken Steer-ing?

(Photo/Anne Bernier)