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Pic Of The Day #551

Fog on the Saugatuck River (Photo/Ward French)

Pic Of The Day #539

Mouth of the Saugatuck River (Photo/John Kantor)

Pic Of The Day #512

Saugatuck River view (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

Pic Of The Day #500

Stand-up paddleboarder and friend, on the Saugatuck River (Photo/Lisa Price)

Pic Of The Day #477

A drone’s-eye view of Saugatuck: the neighborhood, and the river (Photo/David Curtis, HDFAPhotography.com)

Pic Of The Day #463

Saugatuck River, as seen from the bridge. (Photo/Serkan Elden)

Photo Challenge #186

Last Sunday — when many folks were either at the downtown Fine Arts Festival, Library Book Sale, beach, or otherwise enjoying the delights of a Westport summer — a dozen quickly responded to our “06880” photo challenge.

They knew that Bob Weingarten’s image showed another local gem.

Well, sort of.

His shot of a small white lighthouse-type structure is visible to anyone who looks east over the Saugatuck River, from Riverside Avenue. (Click here for the photo, and all guesses.)

In fact, it was described variously as across from Rive Bistro restaurant, the VFW, a medical office complex and the Saugatuck Rowing Club. Lots of people see it, from lots of different places.

Only Valerie Port, though, described it by where it is, not what it’s across from. She said it’s at “the end of Oak Ridge Park” — a private road off Imperial Avenue.

Kudos to Valerie, plus Jana Moorman, Bobbie Herman, Diane Silfen, Ralph Balducci, Jay Tormey, Sylvia Robinson Corrigan, Mary Ann Batsell, Jonathan McClure, Seth Braunstein, Amy Schneider and Peter Tulupman, for answering correctly.

And thanks for taking time out of such a beautiful day to do so.

Meanwhile, on another gorgeous day, Jeff Manchester and his son were out on a bike ride. They came upon this plaque:

(Photo/Jeff Manchester)

It probably was a momentous occasion, in 1932. In the intervening 86 years though, most Westporters have forgotten it exists.

If you know where you’d find this, click “Comments” below.


Pics Of The Day #459

Scenes from Saugatuck Shores: The lighthouse …

… and the Saugatuck River. (Photos/Gene Borio)

Pic Of The Day #457

Saugatuck River view, from the small park on Riverside Avenue (Photo/Peter Tulupman)

Pic Of The Day #405

Pairs rowing shell on the Saugatuck River (Photo/David Curtis, HDFAPhotography.com)