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Pic Of The Day #953

Sherwood Mill Pond (Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

Pics Of The Day #946

In all the years she has lived on Sherwood Mill Pond, Kendall Gardiner says she has never seen a fish surge like this morning’s.

“They were on all sides of the dock” she reports. “Just amazing.”

It was a great day to be a fisherman.

Or a bird.

(Photos/Kendall Gardiner)

Pic Of The Day #931

Sherwood Mill Pond (Photo/Seth Goltzer)

Pic Of The Day #881

Boats and clouds on Sherwood Mill Pond (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pic Of The Day #869

Sherwood Mill Pond and Compo Cove (Drone photo/John Videler for Videler Photography)

Pic Of The Day #858

Pure joy yesterday, at Sherwood Mill Pond (Photo/Merri Mueller)

Pics Of The Day #855

Hillspoint Road homes, as seen from Sherwood Mill Pond… (Photo/John Videler for VidelerPhotography)

… and the Mill Pond itself (on a very different day!) (Drone photo/Videler Photography)

Pic Of The Day #851

Cleaning the catch, at Sherwood Mill Pond (Photo/Nancy Lewis)

Pic Of The Day #832

It never gets old: jumping in Sherwood Mill Pond

Pic Of The Day #816

Sherwood Mill Pond, with Hummock Island oyster house (Drone photo/Patrick Sikes)

Meanwhile, a view of the Hummock Island oyster operation from a Sherwood Mill Pond back deck. (Photo/Matt Murray)