“06880” App: Meet The Geniuses On The Back End

Our new “06880” app is earning raves from the hundreds of readers who already downloaded it. (Missed that story? Click here!)

The app — for both iOS and Android users — was created by 2 young geniuses. Georgetown University sophomore Matthew Jordan and his Staples High School senior brother Joshua took a very vague concept, and soon developed a very usable, clever and handsome product.

They understood exactly what “06880” is, what our virtual community is about, and what our readers want. They made it all happen, with creativity, grace and good humor.

The “06880” splash screen is a perfect representation of the blog. The up-to-date record of stories and comments is very cool. The screen appears for 2 seconds — as the app loads

I’ve worked with other developers, on different projects. They often tell me what they want, not what I want. They are all about bells and whistles. They want to show off how much they know, how cool they are.

Matthew and Joshua were the easiest collaborators I’ve worked with. They actually listened to everything I said. They understood every facet of “06880” — its mission, its style, its readers, its look, its quirks — and were able to tweak it, app-style.

They explained all their ideas in plain, easy-to-understand English. They were clear and up-front too about the challenges they faced.

Then they overcame every one of them. Their problem-solving skills are masterful. They were patient and persistent (and at the same time, quick). If one path did not work, they pivoted to another. They did not force solutions; they found new ones.

If you were in a war, you’d want them as generals.

Joshua and Matthew Jordan.

And here’s the best part: Matthew and Joshua were a ton of fun to hang with. They’re teenagers. They have senses of humor. They are dope.

Like most developers, they toil in the background. But they deserve a feature story of their own.

Matthew was an excellent varsity soccer player at Staples. He volunteered with Kids in Crisis, developing a messaging app for young people thinking about suicide. (Moffly Media gave him a “Light a Fire” award for his work.)

At Georgetown, the math and computer science major started the Hoya Developers Club. He is involved with Hoyalytics (analyzing data). Now he’s creating a dating app with a twist: It offers only 3-5 matches a week, and includes partnerships with restaurants (for those awkward first dates).

Joshua, meanwhile, has been ranked #1 in the US — and #3 internationally — among the tens of millions of players of the strategy video game Clash of Clans.

He is currently developing his own multi-player game: a “geometry-type puzzle-solving battle royale.” There can be no better creator.

Joshua’s interest in programming began at Coleytown Middle School, and really took off at Staples.

He too has worked on a Kids in Crisis project. “When you realize your software can save lives, that’s pretty important,” he says.

The brothers work well together. “I help the genius,” Matt — who has a keen eye for graphic design — says modestly. “I do the stuff that users see. I get the instant gratification.”

“06880” is not the only very satisfied client. For example, Georgetown’s Psaros Center for Financial Markets & Policy has also benefited from Joshua’s coding skills, Matthew’s front-end talents, and both Jordans’ ease of collaboration.

Now back in college, Matthew is developing a curriculum to tech Python coding. He’s diving even deeper into data science and analysis.

Joshua is plowing through his senior year at Staples.

While hundreds of “06880” readers appreciate their clever, creative work, several times a day.

Now they know who to thank.

(To learn more about their work, contact Matthew Jordan: mdj82@georgetown.edu; 203-258-0115. Or Joshua Jordan: joshua.hqy@gmail.com 203-666-6543.)

(“06880” has made our new blog free to users. It’s our gift to you. Of course, reader support is always welcome. Please click here to make a tax-deductible contribution. Thank you!)

Thanks to Matthew and Joshua Jordan, the “06880” app includes a different photo from the “Pic of the Pic” books each day, and a daily, randomized list of local restaurants — with clickable links for menus and their websites.

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  1. Big round of applause for the brothers Jordan. They sound like salt of the earth. I hope Joshua and Matthew move from success to success.

  2. Really well done. Thank you.

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