Breaking News — Wishes Do Come True

I just got this email from Richard Falcone:

Thank you for your kind words and support.  The rumors are true.

The original Art’s Deli will be returning in the coming weeks.  The Falcone family is proud to serve Westport again.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good!

12 responses to “Breaking News — Wishes Do Come True

  1. Be still my heart.
    I think we may move back.

  2. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Wow there really must be a god!!! Got go buy lottery tickets… Luck is improving dramatically!!!

  3. Is this good news? hmmmmm. Let ‘s just say that if you go to my Staples yearbook write up (just a FEW years ago), it says “likes: Art Roast Beef”. Yes, indeed – this is the BEST news. Welcome home. I’ll be first in line!

  4. Hey Rich, that’s great news. Think you can send sandwiches to Florida?

  5. Where?

  6. Fantastic! Wish I stilled lived in Westport…will have to go to Art’s when I’m visiting. So many good memories of Art’s!

  7. When is it opening? I will plan a special trip from California just to have an Art’s Combo, the world’s greatest sandwich!


  9. This will clearly make my mother happy because I’ll visit more!

  10. life long westporter

    Great news! To bad we can’t turn back the clocks and bring back all the mom and pop stores on main street,get rid of the new breed self centered snobs that have taken over the town and returned it to the friendly caring community it once was!

  11. I am so happy that the deli is back i look forward to splitting a sandwich with my mom
    Rosemary jackson
    42 reichert circle
    westport ct