One Firefighters’ Story — Among Many

Westport’s emergency personnel — firefighters, police, EMTs, road crews and many others — earned their keep today.

Despite damage to her own home —

— “06880” reader Elaine Clayton sent this along:

Maybe 4 minutes after a tree broke through a front window of my house, Westport firefighters came to help.

They really do risk their lives.  As they were managing power lines and the enormous branch, another huge branch fell so close to one of the firefighters, it knocked his helmet off.

I feel very grateful to the firefighters, and proud of them.  They were kind, and even helped me tape the window.

As I’m posting this, it’s not yet 8 p.m.  Code Red says this storm will continue for a few hours.

Our emergency crews are still earning their keep.  Remember their service the next time someone squawks about what they’re earning in terms of dollars, too.

Westport firefighters check out Elaine Clayton's home.

One response to “One Firefighters’ Story — Among Many

  1. Virginia Gilbertie

    Whenever we’ve needed help they were quick, thorough, and so kind. We couldn’t ask for better.