Back To The Future?

Once upon a time, Art’s Deli was the go-to place on the west bank of the Saugatuck River.

Located directly across from National Hall — just before the light — it served the best cold cuts this side of Arthur Avenue.

Calling the subs and grinders “overstuffed” does not do them justice.  Two hands were not enough to hold them.

Today, alert “06880” reader Peter Propp sent this photo:

“Any news?” he asks.

Forget 35 Church Lane, the upcoming elections, and everything else in town.

If you know anything about the return of Art’s to Westport, please click “Comments.”

This is crucial stuff, people.

27 responses to “Back To The Future?

  1. Roast beef and peppers on a hard roll please……….

  2. Jo Ann Davidson

    Hard salami, roasted peppers, lettuce, tomatoes in a grinder roll. Vinegar and oil dressing. Every Tuesday night after tennis.
    Jo Ann Davidson

  3. I heard Art’s son wants to re-open. Also heard he wants to go back in same spot. Me, I think the parkinking is virtually zero there. Got to find him a location.

  4. Italian combo grinder with hot peppers. To this day I haven’t found a comparable sandwich — can’t even replicate it at home. If Art’s returned, my life would be complete!

  5. Best Italian grinders plus a piled-high ham and swiss that was the best.
    If any Falcone, or close resemblance, re-open’s Art’s, I may move back.

  6. Best pile of Roast Beef sandwich in town, back in the day – – and the convenience to the Bridge Grill was a nice touch too

  7. The place would be jammed with customers waiting to order. Little did they know that Art had stacks of Italian Combos and Roast Beef at the register. Walk in, grab a soda, some chips, and as many grinders as ya wanted in 4 minutes. YES!

  8. Shhhhhhh don't tell Frank!

    OOHHHH Please tell me this isn’t a prank!! I used to work at Premier..ya know across the street…and I would get sandwich’s at Art’s..either when I left work..or when the owner frank wasn’t there! Only got caught once!! BEST ITALIAN COMBO EVER! Have not found any that compare to this day!

  9. I first met Art when he worked the deli counter at the old West Bank market (c. 1961 or1062). Sylvan Road and Post Road West. He was a handsome young devil, and a big flirt. I’d go in there and buy cold cuts just to get flirted with by that guy!

  10. 4 Arts Roast Beef (rare) with provolone, lettuce, tomato, salt & pepper on a hard roll, large potato salad, cole slaw, extra napkins all stuffed in a brown bag and driven down to Compo in a wood paneled station wagon, with long summer shadows on Riverside…it didn’t get any better than this, circa mid ’70’s in the Bond family…how could it?

  11. Peter Gambaccini

    I never knew about this place in my Staples days (when, in retrospect, I wish I’d skipped out and gone there for lunch) but I found out about it when I had returned to Westport and was working there in 1974 and 1975. Not sure how I’d lived without it. Art’s sandwiches were a revelation. I’ve been in NYC for more than three decades now and I’m not sure any deli here is as good as Art’s was.

  12. Those sandwiches were good, but too big for me, she said sheepishly.

  13. Chip Stephens

    Please let this be real, Arts was the best, Grab and go a Italian and split it 3 ways ! Art took his first vacation in decades and passed away leaving a real void in all our thoughts and lunch plans. I hope Art is looking down on his son and Westport saying GO FOR IT !!!

  14. WoW! My wife and I talk about Art’s all the time. Nothing like that sandwich, anywhere. And it was a true salumaria. Magnifico!

  15. I spent so many hours with my Dad at Art’s. I vividly remember being handed a lace cookie dipped in chocolate as I waited for my Dad to order cold cuts, sandwiches, sauce-all delicious. It was magical and delicious! Please let it be true!

  16. Funny,…I was waiting at the light and noticed the sign and thought maybe it had just never been taken down and I never noticed. I hope it wasn’t just accidentally uncovered for another business that will inevitably fail in that space.

  17. When Saugatuck was Bedford Junior High we used to jump out the cafeteria window, jog to Arts’ for a roast beef on a hard roll, jog back to Bedford and sneak back into the cafeteria. The lunchroom teachers knew something was up because of all the wrappings just ” appearing” along with us, but they never caught on really pursued it. And we always figured we could bribe them by getting a sandwich for them the next time.

  18. What a great place! I loved how he had a stack of pre made Italian Combos. I would just walk in grab one and for 5 bucks, the best ever!

  19. Too bad we now know there are heathier choices of food!

  20. I would move back to Westport if Art’s reopened! The absolute best in the world Roast Beef Sandwiches. Used to get them before going to a Giants game!!

  21. If it’s true I saw the sign this morning. If it’s true i am already having trouble deciding on my first order: The combo or the roast beef – maybe both! Someplace in deli heaven Art is a happy guy

  22. Thank you for your kind words and support.The rumors are true –
    The original Art’s Deli will be returning in the coming weeks. The Falcone family is proud to serve Westport again.

    Richard Falcone

  23. I saw the sign a few weeks ago and immediately called, emailed, text my entire family..everyone has such great memories of the Falcone Family, the food, and the great “old Westport” feeling associated with Art’s… will be great to see you again Richard!!! Best of luck!!