Parking Privileges

Pottery Barn is not the only one with dubious parking privileges in town.

An alert reader sent this photo —

along with this note:

Nado Paving has been illegally parking their machines and trucks under the Hillandale Bridge on the Sherwood Island Connector.  I have noticed this for 6 weeks now.

They were asked to move off of town property by P&Z when they housed these machines in the Imperial Avenue town lot all summer.

Now they have relocated to the connector, and also the underpass on Compo Road South.  They are using these properties to house their equipment and trucks so they can avoid the overhead cost of doing business around the area.  They are not housing them there for a job in that location.

They usually pack up early morning so nobody notices where they squat.

It is unfair to the businesses that reside in Westport and pay property taxes.   Why is Nado able to get away with housing them there? Westport Police say they cannot do anything about it because it is state property.

The State Police say that we must call when they are located in the spot, but nothing has been done yet.

Wow — talk about an alert “06880” reader!  I’ve also noticed those trucks, and wondered why there was no work in the area.  But I was not sharp enough to detect a nefarious, free-parking plot.

Now the word is out.  Let’s see how long the trucks stay.

20 responses to “Parking Privileges

  1. If Nado doesn’t leave his trucks there, he’ll dump them back illegally at the end of my street (Indian Hill Road) where his son lives, until the neighbors complain and call the cops and Planning and Zoning, etc…..

    I wondered where they went.

  2. Because Dan, you are not nefarious.

  3. They were there last night at ten or so while three Westport cop cars pulled
    someone closeby for DWP – Driving while poor.

  4. What???? I am a bit dense,. please explain, if you can.

  5. Westportsince1970

    Thruway underpass on South Compo always has some Nado Paving presence, Today it’s a front loader.

  6. Is it posted “No Parking”?

  7. Something will be done

  8. Wrecker use part of the brain. Is your driveway posted.

    • My driveway is private property.

      Those trucks are parked on a right of way / public property.

      What’s your point?

  9. called the westport police and told them that trucks are parked in both areas. The VERY nice dispatcher said she’d send someone out…we see where it goes. KEEP CALLING PEOPLE!

  10. WOW! I noticed these trucks under the Sherwood Island connector and Compo Road South underpass after seeing this article and also early this morning. I bet many of the other local contractors would love to take advantage of this situation. Kind of an Eyesore though! Don’t they have their own place to keep their trucks? If I left my car there, I am sure that I would get one of those orange stickers on the windshield immediately… Lets see what happens. I guess the next step to take would be contacting the state police.

  11. In our post 911 world, these vehicles parked under thruway bridges should be considered potentially suspicious and inspected… are there any left at the state boat ramp under the the Saugatuck River bridge?

  12. I drive on the Sherwood Island Connector every morning and see these vehicles parked there every day, how do they get away with it? Are these vehicles registered and does Nado pay property taxes on these vehicles to the Town of Wesport? Doesn’t he have a space like Kowalsky Bros. on the Post Rd.? I’m sure they pay plenty of taxes to the town.

  13. Nado doesn’t have space, he’s the ultimate cheapskate which is why he does it. They used to be stockpiled behind his house on Indian Hill Road until the neighbors figured it out and had P&Z close down his little operation. I don’t see how the police can continue to ignore him, what a joke.

  14. They were on Sherwood Island connecter again this morning.

  15. bRA they didn’t get you for dwa – driving while an asshole???

  16. Has to be a nado ordodo

  17. You know, they do have a yard, so mind your own, I am sure you could do alot more constructive things in your day (like spending time with your kids/families, instead of wasting time writing blogs, but I guess thats all you poeple do, worry about what everyone else is doing instead of yourselves

    Many thanks,

    Get a life

  18. mary ruggiero

    Well, anonymous 1, 2, 3 or 4 above, commenting on quality of life issues is definitely NOT a waste of time. Having some large trucks decorating the scenery is not my idea of natural beauty.

  19. They are indeed at Compo South under the bridges quite often. When there is a bad rain storm, many families south of the RR bridge park a car there, because the RR underpass floods easily. (Not as easily as before they did drain work last year, but I digress.) Having the trucks there is not only a security risk, but a hindrance to nearby residents, who need to be able to get out safely. Not just a quality of life issue.
    But indeed, since the rest of us pay property taxes to the town, why shouldn’t we be concerned with protecting our property values and preventing someone else from feeloading on our taxes?