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Friday Flashback #276

The PAL Ice Skating Rink at Longshore is celebrating its 25th winter.

Westporters of all ages love the large oval near the tennis courts, a few yards from the shore.

It wasn’t always that big. And it wasn’t always right there.

The first, much smaller PAL rink was located closer to the Inn.

We don’t have any photos. But Patti Brill has a painting:

She and her husband Doug loved taking their 4 children there. When they saw Terry Lewis’ depiction of the rink, they bought it.

Grown kids, and one move later, it still reminds the Brills of those early, smaller days.

Pic Of The Day #985

Longshore PAL skating rink, at dusk (Photo/Johanna Rossi)

Pic Of The Day #605

Longshore’s Westport PAL rink is open — and skaters are flooding in (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

Pic Of The Day #309

Winter break skating at the Longshore PAL rink. (Photo/Michael Winser)

Saying Goodbye To 2017

The final day of the year dawned bright, bone-chillingly cold, and with a fresh dusting of snow on the ground.

Alert “06880” photographer Larry Untermeyer grabbed his camera, and headed around town to record these scenes.

We don’t know what the new year will bring. But Larry brings us these reminders that on a winter Sunday in Westport, some things never change.

(Photos/Larry Untermeyer)



Joey’s Billy Needs Our Help

If you’ve ever been to Joey’s by the Shore in the summer — or winter, when he manages Joey’s at the Longshore ice rink — you know Billy Hess.

He’s worked there for 3 decades. Every July 4th he dresses up as Uncle Sam.

Billy Hess with his wife Gina and daughters.

Owner Joey Romeo says:

Billy has been the heart and soul of Joey’s for 30 years. Known for his selfless demeanor and permanent smile, he loves Westport and serving our customers.

In addition to an unparalleled work ethic, he’s the unofficial “Mr. Fix-It” of Compo and Longshore. Whether changing a flat tire, retrieving a kite from a tree or repairing a broken beach chair, he’s always there and eager to help — whether he knows you or not.  He’s the first to volunteer and the last to take credit.

Billy and his wife Gina have 3 daughters. He has countless friends: customers he has served with passion and dedication, and workers he has mentored with love and care.

A couple of months ago, Billy was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. Since then, it’s spread. He’s endured surgeries and chemo with great strength.

There’s more treatment ahead. He also faces mounting medical bills.

Sara Colabella — who worked with Billy when she was in high school and college — has created a GoFundMe page. The goal is $50,000. Click here for the link.

He’s been humbled by the support and concern the community has shown.

But it’s the least we can do, after all Billy Hess has done for all of us.

Billy Hess and his family.

Photo Challenge #103

No one slipped up on last week’s photo challenge.

It was an image of a huge pile of snow. We haven’t had a big snowstorm yet — but 16 alert “06880” readers knew it had been dumped nearby, by the Longshore PAL skating ring Zamboni.

Congratulations to Monika Lazaro, Michael Calise, Chris Swan, Marc Hartog, James Weisz, Tony Lantier (who better have known — he runs the rink!), Martin Gitlin, Shirlee Gordon, Leigh Gage, Marty Bell, Susan Schmidt, Andrew Colabella, Rich Stein, Carmine Picarello, Seth Braunstein, D. Jacobs and Linda Amos. (Click here for the photo and all comments.)

This week’s vaguely Christmas-y looking challenge comes courtesy of Mary Sikorski:


If you know where in Westport you’d find this, click “Comments” below.

PS: Happy Holidays, from the Photo Challenge!