Friday Flashback #276

The PAL Ice Skating Rink at Longshore is celebrating its 25th winter.

Westporters of all ages love the large oval near the tennis courts, a few yards from the shore.

It wasn’t always that big. And it wasn’t always right there.

The first, much smaller PAL rink was located closer to the Inn.

We don’t have any photos. But Patti Brill has a painting:

She and her husband Doug loved taking their 4 children there. When they saw Terry Lewis’ depiction of the rink, they bought it.

Grown kids, and one move later, it still reminds the Brills of those early, smaller days.

2 responses to “Friday Flashback #276

  1. My long time friend Patti Brill – how many of her kids have I reffed, at least 3 – and I have same taste. I have same painting by Lori Lewis. Used to live near her in Green’s Farms. Took the kids to Longshore on weekends then inside the inn for hot chocolate.

  2. Love this print and we loved using the rink that first year. There were 100 prints made and we have #10.

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