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Pic Of The Day #1851

It’s a 6:30 am scene most of us never see. But how do you think the beach stays so clean? (Photo/Pippa Bell Ader)

Pic Of The Day #1805

Compo Beach grooming (Photo/Gara Morse)

Pic Of the Day #1803

Does someone really love this year? Or do they just want other people to know they were here, before — soon — their message gets washed away. (Photo/Mark Mathias)

Pic Of The Day #1800

Not the White Cliffs of Dover – just part of the Compo Beach spring grooming process. (Photo/Karen Como) 

Pic Of The Day #1599

Off-roading at Compo. And yes, those are the cannons in the background. (Photo/Anthony Evans)

Pics Of The Day #1531

Making tracks at Compo

(Photos/MaryLou Roels)