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Pics Of The Day #1174

Happy 4th of July! Here’s the scene at 18 Bulkley Avenue South. Monica Ryan and her family decorated their front door this way — and added plenty of bunting, pinwheels in the yard, flags in the driveway, and sparkling lights at night.

(Photo/Gina Ryan)

Last year, historian Bob Weingarten wrote a story for Greens Farms Magazine, about flags in town.

Three caught my eye. May they continue to wave proudly!

Artists Walter and Naiad Einsel designed Uncle Sam and Miss Liberty, flanking the Stars and Stripes.

Little Barn, on the Post Road.

A replica of Betsy Ross’ original flag, flying on Greens Farms Road.

Decorations by Rebecca and Diane Yormark:

Pics Of The Day #1173

One gull at Burying Hill Beach … (Photo/Amy Schneider)

… and a flock (Photo/Lou Weinberg)

Pic Of The Day #1172

They’re back! Lifeguards returned yesterday to Compo Beach. This was the scene today. (Photo/Amy Schneider)

Pic Of The Day #1171

Looking west across the river (Photo/Mike Hibbard)

Pic Of The Day #1170

They were here long before we were (Photo/Lauri Weiser)

Pics Of The Day #1169

One jetty fishing photo … (Photo/Roseann Spengler)

… and another (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Meanwhile, here’s a more crowded scene not far away, yesterday morning at Compo (Photo/Lauri Weiser)

Pics Of The Day #1168

Flower power at Compo Beach … (Photo/Lee Scharfstein)

… and Saugatuck Shores (Photo/Les Dinkin)

Pic Of The Day #1167

Arezzo was (socially distanced) rocking on Thursday night (Photo/Sarathi Roy)

Pic Of The Day #1166

Getting ready for jUNe Day (Photo/Amy Schneider)

Pics Of The Day #1165

Beach scenes:

(Photo/Lauri Weiser)

(Photos=/Lauri Weiser)

(Photo/Daniel Hoffman)

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

(Photo/Deirdre Doran)