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Pic Of The Day #1068

Yarn bombing at Fire Department headquarters (Photo/Molly Alger)

Pic Of The Day #1067

(Photo/Janet Gomez Duffield)

Janet Gomez Duffield reports: “My children’s teachers at Christ & Holy Trinity Preschool have been creating amazing videos and reading stories, sharing ideas of things to do, etc.

“Yesterday, my son’s 3 class lesson was about planting seeds. The teachers delivered the seeds and dirt to our mailboxes/doors (adhering to social distancing). Here is a photo of my kids and dog, and their super-excited teacher delivering the items.

“They were so happy to see each other. We are very lucky and grateful to have teachers who care so much.”

Pics Of The Day #1066

Westport copes with the coronavirus …

Solitude at Grace Salmon Park (Photo/Jo Shields)

Empty parking lots on a weekday downtown … (Drone photo/Brandon Malin)

… at the train station, and on I-95 (Drone photo/Patrick Sikes)

The message has gotten through. Teenagers stay in their cars, practicing social distancing — but hang out together at Longshore. 

A mid-March late afternoon dip at Old Mill Beach (Photo/Robin Tauck)

Lindsay Blaivas, her daughter Kenzie and dog Ruby went for a neighborhood walk. Along the way, they left some messages. “Getting creative and staying connected!” Lindsay says.  Here’s one.

Two weeks ago, you’d say “huh?” Now you say, “Where’d you get it?!” (Photo/Darcy Hicks)

Santa Claus comes early to Stop & Shop (Photo/Chip Stephens)

Pic Of The Day #1065

I can no longer swim at the Y. So today — for the first time in a long while — I took a walk through Baron’s South. I was the only one there — except for these 3 guys. (Photo/Dan Woog)

Pic Of The Day #1064

New artwork by Steve Lyons arrives at the Bankside Contemporary gallery on Post Road West (Photo/Phil Nourie)

Pics Of The Day #1063

Doris Ghitelman took this photo yesterday at the Compo Beach pavilion. A few hours later, town officials closed the parking lot until further notice. “I guess the person who left this can no longer self-medicate there,” Doris says.

 In mid-morning, Compo Beach resident Jim Hood and his dog Koda were the only ones there. A couple of hours later, cars were parked all along Soundview Drive.

Meanwhile, families on Pheasant Lane practiced social distancing. They were both social and distant, while awaiting a dinner delivery from Kawa Ni. (Photo/Adam Goldberg)

Pic Of The Day #1062

Double L Market is always in season (Photo/Ed Simek)

Pics Of The Day #1061

Today was the 2nd day of  “indefinite closure” for the Westport schools.

This scene in the Mastrocciolo home — with Bedford Middle School 6th grader Bianca and Coleytown Elementary 1st grader Justin — was no doubt similar to many others around town.

(Photos/Stephanie Mastocciolo)

Meanwhile, early spring-like weather — and the TGIF end of a very stressful weak — drew a large crowd to Compo Beach.

Alert “06880” reader Jo Shields Sherman reports there were many people walking between Elvira’s and the entrance gate. Some gathered in small groups to talk — being careful to keep “social distance.”

The sight took her breath away (in a good way!) “Aha!” she thought. “This is where everyone is. Friendliness and kindness seem to abound. And of course the dogs are happy.”

(Photos/Jo Shields Sherman)

Pic Of The Day #1060

Downtown at dusk (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

Pic Of The Day #1059

An hour or so after the Westport Public Schools announced they’re closing, Trader Joe’s looked like the day before a snowstorm. Or “The Day After.” (Photo/Armelle Pouriche)

Meanwhile, hand sanitizer is in such short supply, the Westport Library took special precautions — plenty of tape — to make sure this supply stayed in the Hub.