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Pic Of The Day #1603

Yesterday marked the end of summer lifeguard coverage at Compo Beach. From now on, the chairs belong to kids — at least, until the chairs are stowed in the Soundview parking lot. (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

Pics Of The Day #1602

As summer wanes … (Photo/Sandy Rothenberg)

(Photo/Alina Pitchon)

Pics Of The Day #1601

Classic cars, seen around Westport:

(Photos/Andrew Colabella)

Pic Of The Day #1600

Judging by Friday’s serene Compo Beach scene, you’d never know we had 7 inches of rain less than 48 hours earlier (Photo/June Rose Whittaker)

Pic Of The Day #1599

Off-roading at Compo. And yes, those are the cannons in the background. (Photo/Anthony Evans)

Pics Of The Day #1598

Despite 7 inches of rain, Hurricane Ida did less damage last night than it could have. Still, one of the Library Riverwalk lampposts lost a light …

… though it did not go far. (Photos/Amy Schneider)

Pic Of The Day #1597

Boat off Owenoke (Photo/Ted Horowitz)

Pic Of The Day #1596

Long Island Sound clouds (Photo/Michael Lonsdale)

Pic Of The Day #1595

Kids enjoy the Weston Historical Society sculpture (Photo/JC Martin)

Pic Of The Day #1594

As summer wanes: A look back 2 weeks, to Sunday, August 15. (Drone photo/Franco Fellah)