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Pic Of The Day #1603

Yesterday marked the end of summer lifeguard coverage at Compo Beach. From now on, the chairs belong to kids — at least, until the chairs are stowed in the Soundview parking lot. (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

Pics Of The Day #1584

Three views of Compo Beach:

(Photos/Melissa Sobil Zitomer)

Pics Of The Day #1572

The classic kids-at-Compo shot … (Photo/Josh Stern)

… and a very different cannons shot (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

Pic Of The Day #1552

Moon over Compo Beach (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

Pics Of The Day #1549

Last night’s Longshore sunset … (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

… and across Gray’s Creek at Compo Beach

(Compo photos/Paul Delano)

Pics Of The Day #1238

Just before the lifeguard stands are stored away …

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

(Photo/Jessica Wolff)

Pics Of The Day #484

Lucky lifeguard chair, a couple of hours ago … (Photo/Nancy Axthelm)

… and the view by the cannons… (Photo/Jen Greely)

… plus this full hemi rainbow … (Photo/Seth Goltzer)

… and a pot of gold at Greens Farms Elementary School. (Photo/Kurt Dasbach)

Pic Of The Day #479

Compo Beach lifeguard chair (Photo/Amy Schneider)

Pic Of The Day #75

Fun at the Compo Beach lifeguard chair (Photo/Patricia McMahon)