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Pic Of The Day #116

Sherwood Diner still life (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Photo Challenge #116

Two weeks ago, only 2 readers knew that the pay phone in our photo challenge was located in the Sherwood Diner parking lot.

But it took Art Schoeller only 4 minutes to post that last week’s Lynn U. Miller image — showing a collage of scenes from Staples Players’ shows — can also be found at the diner. This one is just inside the front steps, in the waiting area, foyer or whatever you call it.

Madison Malin, Bill Holden, Phil Hurd, Drew Angus, Mark Lassoff, Jeanine Esposito, Rebecca Wolin and Andrew Colabella all followed quickly. (It was Andrew’s 2nd straight Sherwood/photo challenge win.) Click here for the image, and all the guesses.

I guarantee the rest of you will never again not notice that Players photo at the diner. Or the pay phone.

This week’s photo challenge is a bit different.


It’s easy to tell what this is: a portrait of some guy.

He hangs in a private home. But who is he?

If you think you know, click “Comments” below.

Ethically Handicapped?

“06880” has run quite a few photos of selfish parking jobs, by Very Entitled People.

So these days, you’ve got to come up with a really creative way to make it onto the blog.

Like this:

Sherwood parking

This driver not only stole an extra parking space in the always-crowded Sherwood Diner lot — but one was a handicapped spot.

And no, there was no blue placard hanging from the rearview mirror.