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“06880” Podcast: Vasili Tziolis

“06880: The Podcast” has featured plenty of powerful Westporters.

Sure, the 1st selectwoman, superintendent of schools and police chief are important. But without Vasili Tziolis, Westport might grind to a halt.

He’s the general manager of the Sherwood Diner. Actually, just say “the diner” — everyone knows what you mean.

And everyone — town workers, lawyers, Staples students, families with young kids, retirees — goes there. Often.

(You can even go during hurricanes and blizzards. No matter what, they’re open.)

What makes the diner go? What’s its back story? How did it survive COVID? What’s ahead? And does the menu ever change?

The other day, Vasili sat down with me at the Westport Library, for an “06880” podcast. He served up quite an interview. Click below to listen.

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