“06880” Podcast: Vasili Tziolis

“06880: The Podcast” has featured plenty of powerful Westporters.

Sure, the 1st selectwoman, superintendent of schools and police chief are important. But without Vasili Tziolis, Westport might grind to a halt.

He’s the general manager of the Sherwood Diner. Actually, just say “the diner” — everyone knows what you mean.

And everyone — town workers, lawyers, Staples students, families with young kids, retirees — goes there. Often.

(You can even go during hurricanes and blizzards. No matter what, they’re open.)

What makes the diner go? What’s its back story? How did it survive COVID? What’s ahead? And does the menu ever change?

The other day, Vasili sat down with me at the Westport Library, for an “06880” podcast. He served up quite an interview. Click below to listen.

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4 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Vasili Tziolis

  1. Michael Calise

    Before the turnpike (I95) was completed all night truck traffic was the order of the day and there were dozens of all night stops from diners to bars. After the turnpike, then known as the John Davis Lodge Thruway, the Post Road, then known as State Street, was nothing more than a lightly trafficked local road as the diners and bars one by one shut down.

  2. Michael, I remember near where the bowling lanes were and the golf range were located, the Post Road was “crowned” and trucks would slide off the road when the road got icy. Also, the diner attracted a lot of truckers who lined up parked on the shoulder of the Post Road. The diner was owned by a guy named Sam Greco, who lived in a white house behind his diner. I’m talking 1954-ish and earlier.

  3. Somewhere I have a picture from the 1920s, of the Post Road, where the future bowling lanes would stand. My grandfather grew rhubarb on that Post Road property, but he also “erected” a huge billboard on a piece of the property, at the edge of the road. Businesses would advertise on the billboard which was gigantic! He would rent out the billboard to make money.

  4. Dan
    Nice pod cast on a fine young man from a good Westport family.
    This new generation is keenly focused on good food and good service while not forgetting it’s history and roots in the community.
    What an important strand in the fabric of Westport.
    Good luck in the future Vasili and the Sherwood Diner !