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“06880” Podcast: Thomas Scarice On Critical Race Theory

Last April, superintendent of schools Thomas Scarice was the first guest on my “06880” podcast. He spoke eloquently about his background, the Westport school system, and education in general.

This week he visited the Westport Library again. This time, we chatted about one specific topic: Critical Race Theory.

CRT has generated a lot of controversy, nationally and locally. The town’s chief education official discusses where it came from, what it is, and how it impacts the Westport schools.

Click below to watch.

“06880” Podcast: Jimmy Izzo

Everyone in Westport knows Jimmy Izzo.

Former owner of Crossroads Ace Hardware, current RTM member, he’s got his finger on the pulse of every issue in town. He knows the ins and outs, pros and cons of life here today. He’s got plenty of opinions — but he delivers them with grace, warmth and optimism.

No one loves Westport more than Jimmy. And no one articulates that love better than he.

The other day, we sat  on the Westport Library Forum stage. Thanks to Verso Studios, our conversation is now part of the “06880: The Podcast” series. Click here to enjoy Jimmy Izzo’s memories, insights and ideas.

Jimmy Izzo

“06880” Podcast: Bill Taibe

Hungry to learn about Westport’s dining scene?

The other day, Bill Taibe sat down for our “06880” podcast, at the Westport Library’s Verso Studios.

The owner of The Whelk, Kawa Ni and Don Memo talked about his passion for food; how he opens a new restaurant; staffing and supply issues, and Westport’s dining scene.

So where does one of the town’s premier restaurateurs go when he eats out? Click here, for the full interview.

Bill Taibe


“06880” Podcast: Robin Tauck

Robin Tauck is a 40-year Westporter. Her grandfather helped develop the modern tour business — and his Tauck Tours company was headquartered in Westport for decades.

Robin is the 3rd generation to lead Tauck, and has helped make it a global brand. She’s been particularly involved in cultural heritage, sustainable tourism and philanthropy.

In Westport — where she lives on Old Mill Beach — she has been a leading voice for environmental protection.

Robin joined me the other day at the Westport Library, for “06880: The Podcast.” We talked about Tauck’s history, the travel industry today, and of course, what it all means for Westport.

Click here to watch our wide-ranging conversation.

Robin Tauck

“06880” Podcast: Robbie Guimond

Robbie Guimond, owner of both the Westport Paddle Club and Bridgebrook Marina on Riverside Avenue, has lived and worked on the Saugatuck River for more than 20 years.

The other day, we chatted at the Westport Library for my latest podcast. Robbie has fascinating insights into the history of the river; its importance to Westport yesterday, today and tomorrow; its commerce and its pleasures — and of course, the future of the Cribari Bridge.

Click here to learn more about a piece of Westport all of us love, but few of us really know.

Screenshot of Robbie Guimond from “06880: The Podcast.”

“06880” Podcast: Annette Norton

Annette Norton loves downtown.

The owner of Savvy + Grace — the fun, funky gifts-and-more Main Street store — takes every opportunity she can to talk up the shops, restaurants and events that once again draw folks to the area.

She spoke passionately and insightfully about downtown — its past, present and future — along with her recent decision to become a Westport homeowner on “06880: The Podcast.”

Annette’s thoughts will get listeners thinking too. Click here for the latest edition of “06880: The Podcast.”

Screenshot from Annette Norton’s “06880” podcast.

“06880” Podcast: Steve Ginsburg

The recent rise in hate crimes concerns many people.

Unlike many, Steve Ginsburg can do something about it.

The Westport resident is the Anti-Defamation League’s Connecticut director. He’s at the forefront of the fight against hate in all forms — not just antisemitism, but racism, Islamaphobia, LGBTQ bias and more.

The other day at the Westport Library’s Verso Studios, Ginsburg talked about prejudice — where it comes from, what it means, where we’re headed. He also discussed his own route to the ADL, and how a Midwestern sports lawyer ended up in Westport.

Click here for the latest edition of “06880: The Podcast.”

Screenshot of Steve Ginsburg, from “06880: The Podcast.”

“06880” Podcast: Helen McAlinden

You know there’s a story behind Westport’s decades-long embrace of a homeless shelter — in the midst of downtown, a few yards away from Tiffany.

In fact, there are many stories. And no one tells them better than Helen McAlinden.

Her first year as president and CEO of Homes with Hope — Westport’s umbrella supportive housing agency — was filled with challenges. COVID — which hit just 2 months after she began — forced residents out of their shelters, and into hotels. It affected everything from volunteers cooking and serving meals, to fundraising.

But — like Homes with Hopes’ clients — Helen weathered the many storms. The other day, she discussed her work, Westport’s response, and many issues around homelessness and food insecurity.

The most recent episode of “06880: The Podcast” is eye-opening. And no one tells that story better — or in an better Irish brogue — than Helen McAlinden. Click here to watch.

Screenshot from Helen McAlinden’s podcast.

“06880” Podcast: Trey Ellis

Trey Ellis is one of the most interesting — and accomplished — people in Westport.

He is a leading chronicle of the Black experience. An award-winning novelist, Emmy and Peabody-honored filmmaker, playwright and professor of screenwriting in the Graduate School at Columbia University, he recently served as executive producer and interviewer for the HBO documentaries “True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight For Equality,” and “King in the Wilderness.”

The other day, I spoke with Trey. We talked about writing, creativity, Black lives here and elsewhere, raising children in Westport, and much more.

It was a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation. Click here for the newest “06880: The Podcast” episode.

Screenshot from the Trey Ellis podcast.

“06880, The Podcast”: John Dodig

As Pride Month begins, there is no better LGBTQ role model than John Dodig.

An educator for 47 years, it was only in his last 11 that he was out publicly as a gay man. But what an 11 years those were.

As principal of Staples High School, Dodig fostered an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance for all. He was admired and adored by students, staff, and the entire community.

But it took a lifetime of struggle for Dodig to get there.

The other day, I sat with him in the Westport Library’s Trefz Forum. We talked about his career in education, his journey as a gay man, and what it all means for him and our community today.

As always, Dodig was clear, honest, incisive, and very funny. Click here for the newest “06880: The Podcast” interview.

Happy Pride!

Screenshot from John Dodig’s podcast interview.