Pics Of The Day #1652

Scenes from today’s nor’easter:

Old Mill Beach …

… and the water rises near Compo Cove (Photos/Matt Murray)

Kite surfer off Compo Beach (Photo/Meredith Holod)

Post Road flooding, near Sherwood Diner (Photo/Meredith Holod)

Not even a police car was immune from flooding. It was safely towed, from Pumpkin Hill and Colony Road.. (Photo/Maria Fusco)

At 5:10 p.m. today, rainfall measured nearly 7 inches, according to this homemade gauge.on Greens Farms Road. (Photo/Dick Lowenstein)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1652

  1. I’ve made a lot of people in other countries (they’re familiar with Westport via UN Day and the political campaign donors) laugh when I tell them a lot of my off road, high water, heavy tropical downpour driving skills comes from driving in Westport, Connecticut & Bedford Village NY dirt roads, i.e., Saugatuck shores, water under bridges by train and to compo that stopped other cars I instinctively knew how to maneuverer through without stopping or stalling, but these photos, is WSPT sinking or are cars not as ‘all terrain’ as they say they are?

    Good Day NY- Rosanna Scotto Show (Audrey Puente) called WSPT out this am in her weather report so I knew you’d have the photos, and, wow.

  2. Is Sheriff Taylor & Deputy Fife’s cruiser a total?

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