Roundup: Detours, Long Lots Meetings, Carjacking …

We can’t emphasize it enough: I-95 will be a mess this weekend.

And local roads will be collateral damage.

The I-95 northbound entrance ramp at Exit 17 will remain closed from now through Friday, October 31. Traffic is being detoured to Riverside Avenue, then to the Post Road, Sherwood Island Connector, and onto Exit 18.

In addition, parts of I-95 itself will be closed — as will the northbound Exit 17  entrance and exit ramps, and the southbound exit ramp — along with nearby Saugatuck Avenue, from 8 p.m. this Friday, October 20, through 6 a.m. Monday, October 23.

The closures are necessary for the new I-95 northbound bridge to be placed using Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques. While I-95 northbound is closed, 2 lanes of I-95 northbound traffic will be crossed over on the I-95 southbound bridge. Traffic flow in both directions will be severely impacted all weekend.

For additional information on the project, including detours, click here.


The Long Lots School Building Committee holds a special meeting tonight (Thursday, October 19, 6 p.m., Town Hall Room 201), to “meet briefly to accept the written recommendation for presentation to the First Selectwoman.”

That recommendation of a new building is for “Option C,” voted unanimously by the LLSBC earlier this month.

An hour later tonight (Thursday, October 19, 7 p.m., Staples High School cafeteria), the Board of Education agenda includes a discussion/action item: “Long Lots Building Committee Update.”

It will be presented by LLSBC chair Jay Keenan.

The Long Lots project moves forward next Tuesday (October 24, 7:30 p.m., Town Hall auditorium), with a special session of the Board of Finance. They’ll meet with the Building Committee and Board of Education, “to discuss only their recommendations.”

The Board of Finance will take comments from the public for 30 minutes.

Long Lots School Building Committee.


A third arrest has been made, in connection with last month’s carjacking incident at a resident’s Bayberry Lane garage.

Vineys Baez, a 20-year-old Waterbury resident, was arrested yesterday.

He was charged with:

  • Home invasion
  • Burglary, 1st degree
  • Robbery by carjacking
  • Assault, 3rd degree
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Larceny 1st degree
  • Conspiracy to commit larceny, 1st degree
  • Robbery, 1st degree
  • Conspiracy to commit robbery, 1st degree.

Baez is the second person identified through surveillance video. A third person was also arrested.

Baez was held on $500,000 court set bond.

The Westport Police Detective Bureau has completed their investigation into the carjacking.

Two men were caught on surveillance video taking an Aston martin, as the owner was in the vehicle in his Bayberry Lane garage.


Westport’s annual Children’s Halloween Parade returns to Main Street next Wednesday (October 25). It’s free for all kids (especially those age 8 and younger).

Children and parents will meet at the Main Street/Post Road East corner at 3:30 p.m. The parade heads up Main Street, then goes right on Avery Place and left on Myrtle Avenue to Town Hall and Veterans Green.

Youngsters may trick or treat along Main Street, and in front of Town Hall. Entertainment, refreshments and a small gift will be provided on Veterans Green (across from Town Hall) at 4 p.m.

The event is sponsored by the Westport Parks & Recreation Department, Westport Downtown Association and Westport PAL.

This photo is from 2011. Where is this former Halloween parade-goer today?


The United Methodist Church invites everyone to a couple of cool — and very different — events.

This Saturday (October 21, 1 to 3 p.m.), “Trunk or Treat” offers a fun, safe Halloween alternative for kids under 12, with snacks and games.

The suggested admission price is simple: 5 non-perishable food items for the Person to Person pantry, per child.

Don’t be spooked by the weather forecast. It’s on, rain or shine. (Heavy rain will move it indoors.)

On Sunday, October 29 (4 p.m.). “Jazz Vespers” is an inspiring service of words and music with a quartet featuring UMC’s new music director, John Hoddinott. A free will offering will be received.

Trunk or treat!


An Israeli flag appeared on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge last night.

It was apparently not placed there by town officials, or the United Nations Association of Southwestern Connecticut.


It’s Thursday.

That means the Westport Farmers’ Market is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Imperial Avenue parking lot.

Everyone is welcome. Except, of course …

(Photo/Rachel Konstantin)


The Levitt Pavilion season is not over.

Well, at least not until tonight.

This evening (Thursday, October 19, 7:30 p.m.) the outdoor venue transforms into a giant disco, with the debut presentation of Say She She.

The band’s album “Prism” is under consideration for a Grammy nomination for Best R&B album. Meanwhile, their new album “Silver” is earning raves.

The new turf area in front of the stage provides a perfect dance floor. In a nod to the season, the terrace bar will offer hot chocolate.

Additional free tickets have just been released. They’re available at,  and 2 hours before showtime at the box office.

Click  below for the band’s special shoutout to Westport:


For many years, Penny Slinger wanted to visit Friday Kahlo’s home.

In July, the London-born, Los Angeles-based artist’s dream came true.

She recorded her visit in photographs. Now she’s sharing her experience with audiences around the country.

On November 2 (7 p.m.), Slinger brings her “Frida Kahlo and Me” exhibition to MoCA Westport. It’s a side-by-side comparison of both women’s works.

Advance registration is requested: $10 general admission, free for MoCA members. Click here to register, and for more information.

Penny Slinger, and art materials.


I can’t imagine a more “Westport … Naturally” photo than this one:

(Photo/Jim Hood)

Sure, it’s Koda — one of the beach neighborhood’s most famous dogs.

But it could be anyone’s. Anywhere in town.

Westport loves its pooches!


And finally … Say She She will be at the Levitt Pavilion tonight (story above).

If you have no idea who they are (and I sure didn’t), click below. Enjoy!

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21 responses to “Roundup: Detours, Long Lots Meetings, Carjacking …

  1. Lila Greifenberger (Staples ’26) is the little witch and Chloe Gordon (Hopkins ’26) is the princess. They are still very close to this day!

  2. The girls in the photos are in 10th grade now! Best of all they are still friends!

  3. it is pathetic that Tooker did not request an Israeli flag on the bridge. Are there any terrorist backer countries that have flags on the bridge at U N day here ??

  4. Am I the only person that wants an answer from Tooker as why no Israeli flag was requested on the bridge ? Is there an Israeli flag outside town hall. ?

    • Don’t know if you’re the only one who wants an answer, but you’re the only one who brings it up multiple times every day on pretty much every post on this blog regardless of the post’s actual subject matter.

      • I would like an answer from our local government I called town hall 2033411111 and they have never replied to my question. I am concerned about anti semitism Symbols raise awareness. Do you have any interest in understanding why there is no Isreali flag on the bridge and town hall ? I find town halls silence on this matter disturbing.

  5. Jonah Greenberg

    Richard, why do you feel the need to reply multiple times with effectively the same message on every post? Why not combine your posts into one? All of these comment sections are starting to just become Richard Fogel streams of consciousness.

    • Bert S. Twombly

      Leave Dick alone. He’s a family man. And his bark is much worse than his bite. Leave Dick alone. He’s a family man if you push him too far he just might.

    • I’d like an answer. thanks for your interest. I find it incredible that 06880 has no motivation to see an Israeli flag on the bridge and town hall in the face of widespread antisemitism. I find antisemitic behavior far more offensive then posting a comment repetitively. I’m very surprised that you have no interest into my question

      • Bert S. Twombly

        Richard, frankly it’s because they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. The “progressive” movement has fractured between the pro Palestinian Anti-Semites and the core authentic constituents of the progressive movement that have been forced most recently by Hamas to finally, permanently stop those that have sought to exterminate the Jewish people since time immemorial. Problem is, if the local politicians put up the flags supporting Israel on the bridge the nouveaux faux Progressives will have a meltdown. They will barricade themselves into their illegitimate Westport Museum of History and (Woke) Culture and have a hissy fit. Politicians hate that. It jeopardizes their feel-good sense of well being not to mention their vote count.

        • thank you. I’m against Talib Omar. I am a Democrat. Not all democrats are monolithic Weston has about 20 Israeli flags near the schools. Greenwich had a unity rally and has multiple flags. Stamford had a unity rally and has multiple Israeli flags. I drive around 06880 and see flags of Italy. Britain. Canada. France The visualization of Israeli flags is one method of supporting Israel and helping people understand work issues. I spoke to someone today about a local woman who wants to have a flag in front of our house but she is afraid. If we are afraid and timid to show love for Israel in 06880 what does that say about 06890. The surrounding towns have been far more courageous about standing up for democracy. thank you for your relectful reply.

  6. I urge all 06880 friends to drive down Weston Road near the schools. It’s another world apart from 06880.

  7. Dermot Meuchner

    Flags. Dead children by the boatload and insufferable misery but flags are more important.

  8. i see posts on social media that the flag disappeared around 4pm yesterday? is that true?

  9. Flags of dozens of countries are on the bridge, as they always are at this time every year, in honor of UN Day.

  10. UN Day (not to be confused with our jUNe Day) is October 24th. It is the anniversary of the ratification of the UN’s Charter in 1945. Just to clear up any confusion. You’re welcome

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