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Pics Of The Day #420

Scenes from a Burying Hill weekend:

(Photos/Nico Eisenberger)

Photo Challenge #170

Burying Hill Beach may or may not have been a burial ground for the Native Americans who lived here long ago, or the early settlers who displaced them.

It may also be Westport’s least-known beach — or finest gem.

But Burying Hill definitely was the subject of last week’s photo challenge. Larry Untermeyer captured it in all its often overlooked glory. Click here for his compelling photo.

Lawrence Zlatkin, Fred Cantor, Ralph Balducci, Stephanie Ehrman, Michael Calise, Barbara Sherburne, Wendy Cusick, Will Luedke, Jonathan McClure, Linda Amos, Diane Bosch, Jalna Jaeger, Seth Goltzer, Mary Jennings and Mary Ann Batsell all know Burying Hill — and all correctly identified Larry’s image.

And — as she often does — Wendy added important historical context (thanks to GreensFarms.org):

The generations came and went. The first colonial settlers were interred at “Burying Hill” on the Sound until 1725, when a new colonial burying ground was established (and still exists) west of Muddy Brook beside the Country (now Green’s Farms) Road. Little was left of the original cemetery when the Town of Westport took over Burying Hill for a town park and beach in 1893; and no evidence remains today of that spot’s “ancient history.”

For this week’s challenge, please identify the exact spot where Peter Barlow took his photo. Be as specific as possible when you click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Peter Barlow)


Snow Scenes

Nearly everyone in Westport is gone. It’s a holiday weekend, and the start of the schools’ winter break.

For the few folks left in town, yesterday’s snowfall was perfect. A few inches of heavy white stuff fell at night. There was little traffic, no major events to disrupt.

When we woke up this morning, the storm had moved on. The sun was bright, the snow already melting.

It was beautiful — and, hopefully, fleeting. By midweek, temperatures are expected to hit 65.

So how are things in Cabo, Antigua, or wherever else you all are today?

One view of Nyala Farm …

,,, and another.

Burying Hill Beach

One view of Longshore …

… and another. (All photos/Larry Untermeyer)


Pic Of The Day #295

View from Burying Hill Beach (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Pic Of The Day #178

Burying Hill Beach sunrise (Photo/Art Schoeller)

Pic Of The Day #172

Liz Fry, Chris Woods and friend, moments after a full-moon autumn swim at Burying Hill Beach. (Photo/Nico Eisenberger)

Jose Can You Sea?

A tropical storm watch for the remnants of Hurricane Jose has been discontinued.

However, a coastal flood advisory is still in effect, for low-lying areas during high tides.

One of those is Burying Hill Beach.

This was the scene earlier today:

(Photo/Frank Rosen)

It sure could have been worse!

Pic Of The Day #96

Burying Hill — Westport’s “other” beach. (Photo/Peter Tulupman)

Friday Flashback #43

A few weeks ago in my ode to High Point Road, I tossed in a memory of Ray the Good Humor Man.

Every Saturday, he jingle-jangled his way up the street. Kids dropped their BB guns, hula hoops or the younger sibling they were dangling upside down by the ankles, and raced to his truck.

At some houses, Ray sold 1 or 2 toasted almonds. Others stocked up on ice cream for the week: a dozen or so popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and whatnot crammed into a cardboard box.

Several commenters claimed Ray as their own Good Humor Man too, on other streets in town. One recalled his magic tricks, like pulling a quarter out of someone’s ear.

Ray was also a fixture at Burying Hill beach. With a lot more sand than there is today, that was a great hangout for us Long Lots kids. There was no concession stand, so when we heard Ray cruising in — and we heard him well before we saw him — we knew we would not starve.

Jean Whitehead not only remembered Ray from those Burying Hill days — she had a photo.

Here — looking like it belongs in Life magazine — are Ray, Jean and her sisters (plus some random boy).

I have no idea what year this was taken.

That’s fine. The scene is timeless.

Pic Of The Day #30

Burying Hill breakwater (Photo copyright Larry Untermeyer)