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Pic Of The Day #1545

Burying Hill Beach (Photo/Judith Katz)

Pic Of The Day #1519

Burying Hill Beach (Photo/Daniel Johnson)

Burying Hill Is Sound

The 2021 Long Island Sound Beach Report was released this morning.  According to Save the Sound, 79% of the more than 200 Long Island Sound beaches earned “A” or “B” grades for water quality last year.

And there — listed in the Top 10 public beaches in Connecticut, based on water quality — is Westport’s own Burying Hill.

It and Stamford’s Quigley Beach were the only Fairfield County spots on the list.

Water quality at Burying Hill Beach is excellent. (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

Key findings of Save the Sound’s 2021 Long Island Sound Beach Report include:

  • That still leaves 16% of Sound beaches with moderate to poor grades. meaning more work must be done to improve water quality and avoid beach closures.
  • Rain is the primary driver for water pollution at area beaches. Water quality failure rates doubled when it rained, even 48 hours later.
  • Rain causes water quality failure for several reasons, including stormwater runoff or sewer line overflow when communities depend on combined stormwater/sewer lines, or have aging sewer lines with undetected leaks.
  • Climate change will mean more rain for the region. It is crucial to invest in stormwater and sewage infrastructure to avoid more beach closures.

Click here for Save the Sound’s interactive maps, listing beach water quality. The full Beach Report can be downloaded from there too.

Roundup: Autism Awareness, Burying Hill Rocks …


To honor Autism Awareness Month, Westport Police officers bought special commemorative badges. They’ll wear them on their uniforms throughout April.

The blue badge prominently features the puzzle piece logo — the symbol of autism awareness. A portion of the badge’s purchase price will be donated to Autism Speaks.

Westport Police officers show off their autism badges.

In addition, Fleet Auto Supply donated autism logos for the doors of all police cars.

During Autism Awareness Month, the Police Department reminds Westporters about the town’s Disability Registry. A combined effort of the Westport Disability Commission, Human Services and the Police, the confidential registry provides essential information to assist police and other emergency workers to address the needs of residents of all abilities. Click here for signup information.


Westport’s rockiest beach is getting some love.

Two machines were hard at work yesterday and today, at Burying Hill Beach.

One ran rocks through a sifter.

Another smoothed the sand.

(Photos/Art Schoeller)

It’s not as difficult as freeing a 220,000-ton ship from the Suez Canal.

But it’s close.


Concerned how much longer the bull market will run? Worried what’s next?

Y’s Women’s Investment Group has a few slots for new members. The club has analyzed the market for more than 20 years — and achieved better results than some famous prognosticators. For more information, email dynamicr@icloud.com.

Y’s Women membership is $45 a year. To learn more, click here. For the latest newsletter, click here.


Betty Stolpen Weiner writes: “I recently moved back to the area (Weston), and wanted to share a nice Westport experience.

“I needed a large and very heavy table moved to my basement. I saw on Facebook that the Staples High School wrestling team moves furniture in exchange for a donation for the team.

“Sal Augeri sent his son Nick over with some friends to help. I was so impressed with how polite, responsible and helpful the boys were! It was a nice reminder of why I chose to move back to the area.”

If you’ve got moving (or other physical labor) needs, email salaugeri@me.com or terrybrannigan5@gmail.com.

Among the wrestlers’ jobs: moving a chicken coop. (This was before the pandemic, which is why they’re not wearing masks.)


Samantha Lavy and Jennifer Strom — aka the JSRC Group of therapists — has opened a Westport office, at 26 Imperial Avenue. They’ll continue their Stamford practice too.

“We support couples, families, teens, and individuals as we all move through these challenging times and beyond,” they say. “We also continue our work advising families navigating the particular complexities and family dynamics which often occur in the context of family business and wealth.”

For more information call 203-212-8383, or email hello@jsrcgroup.com

Samantha Lavy (left) and Jennifer Strom.


A worried “06880” reader writes:

“I was on my way to the transfer station, when a lady behind me took a picture of my minivan. I thought, oh boy, I bet with the wind, a trash bag fell out of the can on my cargo hitch.

“I got the station. Sure enough, one bag was missing.

“I drove the same route back, and found it. I picked it up and drove home.

“I am writing just in case a picture of my super-cool white minivan with an awesome cargo hitch gets carrying a couple of trash cans gets to you.

“I thought the lady who took a picture of my minivan would post it on social media and send it to you. I thought I would have to sell the super-cool minivan to avoid being identified and embarrass my children forever.

“I swear I pick up after my dog and park my car using one spot. Nevertheless, the fact that someone had a picture of my car was a very strong incentive to trace down the fly-away-trash bag.”


And finally … tons o’ musical birthdays today, with a variety of genres. We salute:

Jay Traynor, the original “Jay” of Jay & the Americans (replaced later by Jay Black); born in 1943, died in 2014, age 71.

Eric Clapton: 76 years old today.

MC Hammer: 59 years old.

Tracy Chapman: 57 years old.

Celine Dion: 53 years old.

Norah Jones: 42 years old.

Photo Challenge #326

“06880” readers knew pretty quickly that last week’s Photo Challenge was a drone shot of a Westport waterway.

They just didn’t know where.

The Saugatuck River? Longshore? Gray’s Creek?

Nope. Nope. Nope.

John Videler’s great image was of the Burying Hill channel, between the breakwater rocks and Sherwood Island State Park. (Click here to see.)

Richard Craig was first with the answer — just 10 minutes after the posting went live. But he was the only one.

We’ve got plenty of interesting waterways in town. From the air though, they all look alike.

Now take a look at this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport (duh) you’d find it, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/June Rose Whittaker)

[OPINION] Don’t Bury Burying Hill!

Retired Westport attorney Michael Nayor and his wife Rhoda Nayor, a retired audiologist, have lived in Greens Farms for over 40 years. With their 3 children — all products of the Westport schools — the Nayors have long enjoyed Burying Hill Beach.

But as spring nears, he’s concerned about it. Nayor writes: 

Around this time for the last several years I begin to think about Burying Hill Beach, and what a shame it is that it has become somewhat of an afterthought when preparing for the summer months.

Years ago Burying Hill was a very popular destination. Children and moms came  throughout the day. Weekends saw loads of families enjoying it.

Burying Hill Beach (Photo/Yvonne O’Kane)

Today, with the exception of one hearty club-like group of swimmers, it is used infrequently.

Burying Hill has become very uninviting. The rocky (big rocks, not pebbles) shoreline makes entry into the water precarious at a minimum, and dangerous for the most part.

In addition the jetty along the southwestern border of the beach has been in serious disrepair for years.

There are restrooms and garbage is picked up, but little else is done. Fewer and fewer people each year use the beach, giving rise to the self-fulfilling prophecy that because fewer people use the facility, fewer resources need to be dedicated to it.

Rocks on Burying Hill (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

Starting over 4 years ago, an attempt was made to recruit the town administration to do something about the extremely dangerous condition of the jetty – either rebuild it or remove it altogether, with the assistance of the state.

While certain permits have been obtained, the project seems to have stalled at the bidding/funding stage. This may be understandable, under current circumstances.

But the bottom line is that while Compo may be the crown jewel of Westport, there are other jewels as well. Ignoring them does a disservice to the community.

The town has many fine resources. All should be maintained as well. To avoid doing so pulls down the town’s reputation and image.

Burying Hill jetty. (Photo/Michael Nayor)

A successful effort to rehabilitate Burying Hill enhances the benefits available to all residents, and reflects the town’s pride in all of its resources.

Hopefully when things get back to normal, efforts to rehabilitate Burying Hill will begin again.

I asked Westport Parks & Recreation director Jennifer Fava for a comment. She says:

In regard to the jetty, the town has been going through the permitting process with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers.

We received the permit to do the work, which is included in the 5-year capital plan.

We have tried to get permission from those agencies in the past to add sand to the beach, but have been denied. We plan to try again, in hopes we will be able to do so.

In terms of regular resources, we supply lifeguards and gate staff as we do at other locations. The beach gets groomed weekly (same as Old Mill), and like the other beaches we have a contract with a company to redistribute the sand prior to each season.

This year we will add screening of rocks out of the sand as part of this process, in hopes it will make an improvement.

Burying Hill Beach (Drone photos/Brandon Malin)

Snowy Super Bowl Sunday

No golf at Longshore today (Photo/Kathie Motes Bennewitz)

Foraging for food off River Lane (Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

Beauty at Kings Highway North and Wilton Road. (Photo/Gloria Gouveia)

View from a Highland Road window … (Photo/Ellen Wentworth)

… and a studio. (Photo/Judith Katz)

A splash of color (Photo/Judith Katz)

Betsy Kravitz is from Buffalo, so today’s weather is like a day at the (Compo) beach. Cricket and Ruby are having a great time too. (Photo/Hal Kravitz)

Not far away, at Burying Hill. (Photo/Seth Schachter)

Is it spring yet? The scene at Harvest Commons. (Photo/Peter Swift)

Pic Of The Day #1371

Burying Hill Beach (Photo/Nancy Breakstone Photography)

Roundup: Real Estate, Burying Hill, Bridgewater, More

Just how hot was last year’s real estate market?

COVID-19 pushed the number of single-family home sales to a record 639. That compares to 356 the previous year.

Including condos, there were 688 residential transactions in 2020. The year prior: 389.

It wasn’t just volume that soared. Check out the MLS graph below, showing the dollar volume of closed sales over the past 3 years. Westport is in blue; Weston is green, Fairfield yellow, Wilton red.

Westport’s median sales price in December was $1,399,000. (Hat tips: KMS Partners and Chuck Greenlee)

Remember the November photo of the driver who zoomed past the fence and up the hill at Burying Hill Beach, parked at the top and admired the view of Long Island Sound?

Either she inspired a copycat. Or — just like the US Capitol on Wednesday — it is now okay to breach every normally accepted rule of behavior that has governed us forever.

Rusty Ford spotted this yesterday. And no, it’s not the same car at all.

(Photo/Rusty Ford)

Looking for a job?

Bridgewater Associates is looking for an executive chef.

The Westport-based world’s largest hedge fund ran a classified ad in the current Westport News.

The chef will provide catering services for executive-level meals and VIP meetings — over 150 business and social events annual, from small breakfasts to parties for more than 100.

But he or she won’t be stuck in the firm’s 2 offices here (Weston Road and Nyala Farm). Some of the cooking will be done on the VIP yacht.

The ad explains: “International sailing catering services include … creating menus for daily fare and social events; and procuring necessary culinary supplies in ports of call around the world for extensive travel time on the water. Travel to various unanticipated locations domestically and internationally, including onboard VIP yacht, is required.”

Interested? Send your resume to bw_talentacquisition@bwater.com, or mail to Bridgewater Associates, 1 Glendinning Place, Westport, CT 06880. Don’t forget the job code: BW55.

Bridgewater’s new executive chef will not be stuck at Westport headquarters.

Westport is a Transportation Leader.

That’s the official title. Our Department of Human Resources received the silver award for our CTrides 2021 Transportation Leaders program.

Earning Transportation Leader status requires an annual commitment by town government to work with CTrides to educate, encourage and incentivize employees to use greener modes.

Westport was recognized for providing commuting and CTrides information to all employees, establishing a telework and flexible work schedule program, and access to electric vehicle chargers at Town Hall.

1st Selectman cited interim Transit District director and RTM Transit Committee member Peter Gold for his support in receiving the award.

And finally … happy 80th birthday to singer/songwriter/activist Joan Baez!



Pics Of The Day #1362

Three views of Burying Hill Beach:

(Photos/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)