“X” Marks The Spot

We never get tired of the holiday lights on the William  Cribari/Bridge Street Bridge. Thanks, Al’s Angels!


(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

Heading the other direction, the same lights make this ordinary scene of an I-95 sunset seem almost magical.

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)


29 responses to ““X” Marks The Spot

  1. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Makes my heart glad! 🙂 Many, many thanks to all those who worked so hard and long, diligently with insight and integrity to save the bridge. !

  2. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    P.S.I love the added snowflakes to your blog posts.

  3. Sharon Saccary

    Warms my heart. Thanks to all the people that helped save my dad’s bridge.

  4. So very beautiful! Thank you Dan for posting!

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  5. Who would have thought something so simple creates something so magical. I’m so grateful the bridge was saved. When I first moved to westport I’d have to drive over the bridge to get home from the commute on the train. In the winter it lifted my heart out of the early darkness. I wait every year for them to turn on the lights and go out of my way to cross the bridge even though I don’t commute anymore. To all those who worked to save the bridge I thank you for keeping the few things left in town important enough to fight for. With Gratitude.

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    Love it! 🎄

  7. The bridge has NOT yet been saved. Many fights still lie ahead!

    • One of the ways in which Westport instills hyygeligt feelings… Enjoy it while we can, Because Dan is right… Many fights may be ahead. There is an ominous lack of action on the ConnDOT bridge study. The application for National Historic District recognition seems to have been stalled in town hall. The Westport Historic District Commission appears to have scrapped the designation as a local historic landmark. There is no neighborhood representation on the Saugatuck Study Committee, and ConnDOT has still not published the promised compendium of public comments from the almost six month ago hearing.

      • Matthew Mandell

        Werner – I am on the Study Committee. I am a local resident and one of the RTMs from the district. Also on the com and local residents are Ward French who is also on the Architectural Review Board, Buck Ianiconne a third generation Westporter and Sam Arciola, Deputy Chief of Police who lives across the street from you.

        As for the Bridge, the silence from DOT is that they are seeking Federal Funding. This stopped their public outreach. I was slated to meet with them, but they said wait, we’ll do it later. We should take this seriously. They want the bridge gone and replaced. We cannot allow this. The HDC being short sighted on how to create the historic district should not stop all efforts to preserve the bridge as well as the character and safety of our community.

    • A Wonderful Life bridge.

  8. Now compare the warmth and beauty of this bridge as it welcomes all to Westport to the stark, ripped ice beads on the lumber in front of Marpe’s town hall. Welcome to colorless Start Spending Main Street.

  9. Christine Bisceglie

    Last week before sunset, as I was crossing , there was a man , maybe Al himself , adjusting the lights. I slowed, rolled my down my window , and told him this bridge make’s my Christmas. Just came through there tonight. Spectacular as always. I notice , this year a neighbor has added a prelude. Another great view of the lit bridge is from Julian’s parking lot.

  10. Michelle Benner

    Hooray for the bridge lights, they are so pretty and festive. Our family loves them, thank you Al!

  11. Dan and Werner are right; the bridge – our bridge – is decidedly NOT safe.

    For anyone who attended that creepy DOT presentation facilitated by none other than the man in charge of eminent domain, it’s plain there’s an agenda here – and it is clearly not ours.

    Not at all.

    But like the little red house at 15 Belden Place, the bridge is, at this moment, still standing.

    And in this season of light we need to feel hope. I continue to believe that our community’s strongly expressed desire to restore the bridge will, in the end, prevail.

    I know that hope is not a strategy but, just for this moment, I look at those beautiful images of our bridge in lights and feel a little better about its future.

    So here’s hoping.

    • The Holidays in Westport would just never be the same without that bridge and the Christmas lights that adorn it.

  12. The bridge looks amazing this year!!! Always gets our family into the holiday spirit.

    The Quinns

  13. Valerie Seiling Jacobs

    Westporters: Please pay attention! The Cribari bridge has NOT been saved. In fact, there is reason to believe that the DOT is still planning to build a BIG (read ugly) bridge that will invite even more traffic–and provide an alternative route for spillover I-95 traffic. If you care about preserving Westport’s small town character–if you want to avoid even more congestion in Saugatuck–then I urge you to join Save Westport Now and others in the fight to prevent the DOT from building a new bridge. We want to renovate the bridge, not replace it.

  14. Cathy Walsh, Chair P&Z

    The TOD commission is composed of long term residents of Saugatck and preservationists. Last Thursday in our P &Z POCD work session, the commissioners agreed that we would include a new section on historical bridge preservation. However, having said all of this….Valerie is correct. We re in the lull before the storm. It will hit at us
    full force when federal infrastructure funds are available.

    • Werner Liepolt

      I am aware of the composition of the TOD committee. I don’t see any preservationists, nor do I see residents who live in non-commercially zoned neighborhoods.

      • Matthew Mandell

        Werner – See above comment. The committee has good folks, including a member of Save Westport Now, Ian Warburg and a resident of RTM District 1.

        • Who are the preservationists on the committee?

        • Werner Liepolt

          I don’t doubt the goodness of the TOD committee members. However given the large numbers of residential families who live in Saugatuck and neighborhoods adjacent to what could burgeon into a massive project, residents seem very underrepresented. What are the preservationist credentials?

  15. Lisa Podurgiel

    I, like so many others, would be devastated if Westport were to lose this lovely, landmark bridge. I strongly urge concerned citizens to bookmark and subscribe to the Westport Preservation Alliance website (www.preservewestport.com) in order to be kept up to date on the current status of the bridge, as well as be informed about what you can do, and when, to help save it (e.g., write letters, attend and/or speak out at meetings, etc.). This will likely be a long, hard-fought battle and your voices need to be heard.

  16. Steve Obsitnik

    As a veteran who has served around the globe. Nothing grounds me and provides purpose than the lights on our bridge. It is a local symbol of dedication and meaning in the context of a broader purpose.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      And for me, the bridge means “home”.

      Evokes a familiar, broad sentimentality … many many crossings, over and under (from tot-hood to adult-hood).

      Winter lights or summer salty air – it’s … “the bridge”.

    • Thank you for your service, Steve. That’s the most moving thing I’ve ever read about this bridge.