Boathouse Beached

Yesterday’s “Friday Flashback” featured the Godillot property — several buildings located on Jesup Road, near the police station.

One of the properties shown in the painting is no longer there. A red boathouse on the banks of Deadman’s Brook was relocated in the 1950s.

Turns out it’s been hiding in plain sight ever since. In the back yard of a house at 244 Greens Farms Road, it’s easily visible from the street.


(Photo/Peggy Lehn)

I have no idea how or why a boathouse ended up on dry land like this. But I’m sure at least one of our history-minded “06880” readers does.

The Greens Farms Road home is up for sale. I’m guessing the boathouse goes with it.

The boathouse -- then painted red -- is in the lower right corner of this painting.

The boathouse — then painted red — is in the lower right corner of this painting.

(Hat tip: Seth Goltzer)

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  1. Dan: Thanks for both of your blog posts about Tri-Town FCU. Very well done. I hope you can come to our party on Thursday @ 4:30p. Best regards, John

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  2. Probably a rental on the main property. Just lovely!

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  3. I remember doing the research on this building when I was working on
    ” Westport…a special place” back in 1984-85 and I consulted Bob Gault , (who was my guru on Westport things historical) about the photo that appears on page 167 of the book. He told me that the building had been moved to Richmondville Avenue and then from there to its present location on Greens Farms road…but I never learned why it was removed. I, too, would love to know the story.

  4. If I’m not mistaken, the boathouse was rented out until a new neighboring property owner complained to the authorities and it was forbidden to be rented.

  5. I would love to live there! It’s perfectly lovely.

  6. Ned Batlin — who knows the 244 Greens Farms Road property well — says that the boathouse was once the home of Sterling Hayden, the actor blacklisted during the McCarthy era.

    • i was in a movie with Sterling Hayden… “King of the Gypsies”… the costume
      director sent me down to the barber to get rid of my beard; as i got there,
      Sterling was vociferously and profanely refusing to have his beard removed, which saved mine. so he and i were the only gypsies in the movie with beards ! apparently, gypsies do not have beards !
      after a few days at lunch, he and i got conversationally back to Westport,
      memory of which he seemed to relish, especially the Clam Box, because they made him extra strong martinis there.

  7. Bob Weingarten

    If you want to see an artist view of the boat house go to Town Hall. Look ato the left of the stairs to the auditorium. Enjoy the oil painting. .