Police Arrest 9 Juveniles And Adults After Multi-Car Chase

Less than 5 hours after a multi-car chase through 2 towns, the Westport Police Department have arrested 9 suspects, both juvenile and adult.

They were involved in attempted burglaries and/or thefts of vehicles, garages and homes.

Two stolen vehicles and one handgun were recovered.

At approximately 11 a.m. this morning, the WPD was alerted by the Fairfield Police Department to be on the lookout for a car occupied by 3 males wearing masks.

The suspects had been trying door handles of vehicles in residential driveways, and reportedly made at least one attempt to enter a garage. The suspects’ car was last seen near the Fairfield/Westport town line.

Westport units checked the area.  A detective in an unmarked police vehicle located the car and suspects walking up a residential driveway, attempting to enter a parked vehicle.

A second unmarked police vehicle arrived to assist. When the suspect recognized them as officers they fled, striking and significantly damaging and disabling one police vehicle, and injuring an officer.

The vehicle fled toward I-95 southbound, where it became disabled due to damage from the initial collision. It stopped between exits 18 and 17.

Multiple units from several police agencies responded, and quickly apprehended a number of suspects who attempted to flee on foot.

The vehicle the suspects were in was previously reported stolen, and found to contain a handgun.

While officers were setting up a perimeter and attempting to apprehend the suspects involved in this incident, a secondary vehicle known to officers to be involved in similar criminal activity passed through the search area.

This vehicle, also previously reported as stolen, contained multiple occupants.  When officers attempted to stop this secondary vehicle, it immediately fled, and struck an unmarked police vehicle operated by Chief Foti Koskinas.

The vehicle then began traveling recklessly through local roads — including Hillspoint and Greens Farms Roads — to elude officers.

The secondary suspects eventually made their way to the Sherwood Island Connector, where the vehicle was involved in an accident that disabled it.

Aftermath of today’s multi-car chase, on the Sherwood Island Connector. (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

Several more subjects were taken into custody. This motor vehicle accident necessitated a brief closure of the roadway, which has since been re-opened to traffic.

The 9 suspects arrested range in age from 12 to 20 years old. They have been charged with both criminal and motor vehicle offenses.

Although this is an ongoing investigation, it is believed that all parties directly involved in today’s incidents have been apprehended. Westport Police say there is no threat to the community associated with this investigation.

Further details on arrests and charges will be provided later.

52 responses to “Police Arrest 9 Juveniles And Adults After Multi-Car Chase

  1. Damn. Wild Wild Westport.

  2. Great work by the Westport Police! I hope those injured recover quickly.

  3. I want thank the Westport pd and other law enforcement agencies that’s helped today and also our fire department and Westport ems and we hope foti is ok from sal liccione rtm member

  4. I wonder if they were from Waterbury, like the last group?

  5. Gianni Lorenzato

    You don’t reduce crime by treating criminals like victims.

  6. Job well done by our PD. Hope all our officers are ok.

  7. Bravo again to Westport PD

  8. Andrew Colabella

    Today’s pursuit was justified, as under law the stolen vehicle was used with criminal and negligent intent to harm a law enforcement officer(s).

    This is unfortunately the results of unintended consequences for poorly written legislation from Hartford that does not protect the citizen, but has now:

    Increase the age of a minor from 16 to 18.
    A minor can only be withheld for six hours after arrest.
    Can only pursue if a violent crime has been committed.

    While we are extremely fortunate and lucky to have a talented multifaceted 64 uniformed officer department, it took an officer to get injured for it to be stopped, not before. Officers should have the right to be able to stop something BEFORE it gets serious or worse.

    I was at the corner of Greens Farms and Hillspoint when they were behind me. They recklessly jumped the corner where a sidewalk was where someone could have been walking. The law written now cannot prevent this from continuing, but in fact, let them get away with more, harming more, taking more, and continuing back to do more.

    Connecticut State Police, Westport Police, Fairfield Police, DOT Officers, Bridgeport Auto Theft Task Force took part in this to stop them. What stopped them were the actions of the driver of the stolen vehicle, not the police.

    A stolen vehicle from another town, coming to Westport to commit MORE. Residents need to stay vigilant. Lock your cars, keys far away inside your home behind locked doors and all valuables out of sight.

  9. Patrick J Church

    No leniency with these kids. This has to stop . I am a liberal and I still say we have to stop treating them other than what they are criminals.

  10. Sincere thanks to all of Westport’s emergency services personnel.

    I hope that everyone from the WPD is ok and will make a full recovery from their injuries.

    It’s time to toughen up our laws on these types of crimes – these criminals aren’t juveniles – they are hoodlums… Enough is enough.

    • 12 years old. That is a juvenile under the law. A 12 year old is a child. Their bad behavior doesn’t transform them into adults and in this civilized society, we recognize that distinction. That, is what makes us civilized.

  11. Great job Westport PD. Glad everyone’s ok.

    With liberal Democratic woke policies this is the narrative in those states. The same ones that defunded the police have the highest in crime.

    You can thank your liberal CT progressive policies for these crimes.

    • What an absolutely ridiculous and simple-minded response. Was the WPD defunded? Was any PD in CT defunded? And please what “woke” policy do you suggest we whould thank for these crimes? Do you even really know what “woke” means?

      • If the laws have been tilted “in favor of the criminals”, then please explain why there are more people incarcerated in the USA than anywhere else. We have seen countless incidents of police pursuits and deadly use of force, haven’t you? And many that were completely unjustified. And it was the criminal and barbaric acts by the police that resulted in the murder of George Floyd. If you act demonically, expect to be treated as such.

    • Dick Lowenstein

      What state do you live……presently?

    • it was the Republican leader who led the riot on Jan 6. Trump wants to rip up the USA constitution. Republicans want to defund the FBI and Justice department. 30 Democratic senators are calling for Menéndez to resign. Republicans none. George Santos remains in Congress.

  12. Stephanie Frankel

    Wow, thank you Westport police!

  13. great work WPD, and a reminder to all of you to keep your cars locked up and keys secured. please stop making it easy for thieves. as you can see a stolen car can be used in the commission of a serious crime and cause bodily injury to innocent parties.

  14. Valerie Smith-Malin

    First of all, well done Westport PD. They are an amazing group.

    As for the discussion about charging 16 year old youths as adults instead of the minors they actually are? 16 year olds aren’t children on Monday when they need a parent to sign a permission slip and adults on Tuesday if they steal a car. There’s a juvenile court system for minors. Connecticut made the well-reasoned decision to raise the age for people entering the adult court system from 16 to 18, the age that a person is actually a legal adult. It is more developmentally appropriate as well. A 16 year-old’s ability to evaluate consequences of their actions, and other executive function skills, won’t be fully formed for several more years. I fully support changing the penalties for using children to commit crimes. Regressing the court system, however, would be illogical.

    I am frustrated by the car thefts. I am also proud of CT on the state and local level. Like other New England states, Connecticut ranks among the safest in the country. It’s 46th/50 for crime. My home state of Arkansas ranks #4, neighboring Tennessee is #3, and neither are “liberal” in the slightest. Other states with high crime rates share key determinants with AR and TN: high rates of poverty and gun ownership.

    • Bill Strittmatter

      Out of curiosity, when did you learn that stealing things was wrong? Or shooting people was wrong? And when did you start learning there were potential consequences for your actions? Of course, if you never face consequences for your actions, you probably never learn. Indeed, you may learn just the opposite and by 18, it’s too late and the behavior is embedded.

      Interestingly, 16 (and for some things, younger) apparently is old enough to make various other more weighty decisions.

    • well said, Valerie

  15. Gov. Lamont issued a report last week (see link) https://portal.ct.gov/Office-of-the-Governor/News/Press-Releases/2023/10-2023/Governor-Lamont-Statement-on-Release-of-Crime-Statistics-Report-for-2022

    It shows while Juveniles represent 6% of total arrests for crimes in CT, they represent 32% of arrests for car thefts. The data is telling us something.

  16. Thank you Westport PD!

    The current “catch and release” laws are doing little to ward off these young adults from stopping their chosen profession of stealing cars.

    Many are repeat offenders. Our CT Legislature holds the “keys” to laws that currently “enable” these crimes to continue to rise.

    As fast CT Legislatures put in the “police accountability act” (basically over night, with little or no police input) they can call an emergency session and pass laws with stiffer penalties.

    Losing these kids at such a young age to crime, is a bigger problem. The ages of these arrests are scary. The Legislature needs come up with a better plan of “rehabilitation” other than a quick release back to the streets.

  17. Richard Johnson

    As reported in the CT Mirror recently, overall property crime is down since 2020, including car thefts, which are down 16%. The modest rise in crime since 2015 in CT is consistent with nationwide trends, ie isn’t attributable to any CT-specific laws or policies. While I understand that events like this prompt hysteria in the immediate aftermath, policy changes should be based on facts, not emotions. Or as lawyers say, “bad facts make bad laws.”

    This event is already being leveraged by local Republicans for political purposes, which speaks volumes. It’s a tired old party line to make people afraid that “they” are coming for “our” hard-earned property. Don’t fall victim to crime — or propaganda.

  18. Mr. Johnson, there is no “Republican Propaganda” here or “leveraging” going on. I suggest you call our Police Chief or Deputy Chiefs and get the facts.

    I would not put all your faith in the CT Mirror. Trust the information of your local Police Chief, and officers who protect and serve us.

    I doubt you will find agreement with your statements above

  19. Andrew Colabella

    In the last two years, many laws have been negated from enforcement purview, such as being stopped for items hanging from mirror, broken taillight, headlight/marker out, tinted windows, and other small things that unfortunately did lead to felonious behavior discovered in the vehicle stop.

    In fact, these little things officers stopped people for, for purpose of conveying to the operator of a faulty issue discovered narcotics, warrants, child/sex trafficking, possession of illegal weapons, stolen items recognized from robbery or theft and so on.

    So yes, litigiously and statistically crime has gone down because we have negated laws in a “soft on crime/criminal” approach.

    When we celebrate closing a prison or crime going down, it’s nothing to be proud of because it’s another way of saying “we are not going to let officers do their job and private citizens will have to deal with the consequences on their own/through insurance.”

    Premiums are going up because, these criminals, they’re not going to pay because they have zero money, zero empathy and zero respect for the law.

    Give the power back to law enforcement to productively and proactively do their job.

    • how Many black drivers are shot by police for minor traffic infractions versus how many white people shot by police ?

    • one reason premiums are going up is to pay the CEO. CFO exhorbitabt salaries. There is a great deal of insurance fraud by insurance carriers.

    • what party and what party leader has called for defunding the fbi. ? defunding the justice department ? even defunding the irs ? speaking on soft on crime how many criminals has the republican leader pardoned ? why are so many Trump cabinet people indicted ? why are so many Trump attorneys pleading guilty ? mark meadows his chief of staff was granted immunity for his truthful testimony ? who are so many policemen founded civilly responsible of very violent actions and some guilty of horrific crimes? the issues are very complicated

  20. Richard Bortolot

    Well stated Andrew

  21. Richard Fogel, you seem to bash every comment on here. You seem pro-criminal, soft on crime and overly political. Perhaps this is due to your time in prison for multimillion dollar fraud and tax evasion. Rather than simply belittle and oppose the comments from concerned residents, or bring politics into it, please let us know your suggested solutions and what changes you would make to relevant laws if you had the power to do so. Perhaps your insight of the criminal justice and rehabilitation system will lead to some novel and effective ideas. Please, offer something constructive rather than being a troll.

  22. enforce the law equally for all. I’d like to see criminals punished. I’m against all the pardons Trump gave to General Flynn. Paul Manafort. and many others. They should be in jail. I hope the election deniers and anti democratic politicians are held accountable. These are the biggest criminals in the USA.

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