Crash, Investigation Close Sherwood Island Connector

The Sherwood Island Connector will be closed from the Post Road to Greens Farms Road, through mid-afternoon.

Police are conducting an accident investigation. Sources outside the Police Department tell “06880” that it involves a stolen vehicle.

The Sherwood Island Connector at Post Road East. (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

Residents reported multiple first responders racing through Saugatuck and other parts of town.

A witness said the stolen vehicle reportedly hit a utility pole, then kept going until it crashed a second time.

Another stolen vehicle was also reportedly involved in the chase. Two people have reportedly been detained.

No further details are available.

Another view of the scene. (Photo/Jerry Kuyper)


6 responses to “Crash, Investigation Close Sherwood Island Connector

  1. Awesome work Westport PD. Those of us on the road during this incident saw exceptionally skilled driving, motorists pulling to side of the road, and hopefully zero injuries.

    If in fact it was a car-jacking situation, let’s hope this will not be another “catch and release” exercise our lawmakers in Hartford have put into play for the brave men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line each day to protect and serve us.

    Regardless of age, these crimes need to be punishable with extended jail time. The perpetrators know the law, and know in most cases, the reward of success in their chosen field, is worth more than the risk.

  2. If you’re going to consume conspicuously expect your property to be stolen. The theirs obviously need the money more than the owner.

  3. I believe 9 were apprehended… two cop cars took some dents, two other non police vehicles took some hits as well..still waiting to here for a forthcoming statement from Westport PD.

    Ian, I hope you and Linda are well.

  4. I want thank our Westport pd and our wonderful fire dept and ems as a former firefighter and town employee they always do wonderful job under the circumstances.

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