Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #90

The Nevada Hitchcock Memorial Garden is hidden in plain sight: on the well-traveled corner of Cross Highway and Weston Road.

Fred Cantor, Susan Schmidt, Bobbie Herman, Barbara Sherburne and Nancy Hunter Wilson all knew that the plaque featured in last week’s photo challenge can be found there.

Then Ellen Greenberg, Louise Ward Demakis, Jerry MacDaid, Morley Boyd and Wendy Crowther all added great information about the pioneering journalist who in 1924 founded the Westport Garden Club. Click here for the photo, and some intriguing history about Nevada. (Though we still don’t know where she got that unique first name.)

This week’s photo has nothing to do with gardening. If you think you know where in Westport you could find this, click “Comments” below.


23 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #90

  1. Under the I-95 bridge down by Down Under

  2. Underneath your 95 bridge under the Saugatuck River

  3. Looks like Under I-95 Bridge over the Sagatauck River

  4. Jonathan Maddock

    I95 bridge over the Saugatuck River, as seen from below.

  5. THe overpass bridge for 95…

  6. Under the I95 bridge in Saugatuck.

  7. Under I-95 at Riverside Ave.

  8. Under the i95 the saugatuck river overpass

  9. Rachel Zibelman

    Train station?

  10. Everyone (except Rachel — sorry) is correct. It’s underneath the I-95 overpass, on Riverside Avenue across from the parking lot next to the Black Duck.

  11. Underneath I95 bridge

  12. Under Peters bridge?

  13. Under the I-95 Bridge on the Saugatuck River,
    Right near the Black Duck

  14. OK, all the people who identified the location of this photo are correct. Except for one thing: It’s not the I-95 overpass in Saugatuck. It’s the STRUCTURALLY DEFICIENT I-95 overpass in Saugatuck.

    • Oops, sorry, my bad. It’s actually the structurally deficient I-95 overpass in Saugatuck which has just been discovered to be standing in toxic waste that’s so nasty it can’t even be dredged.

      • Yeah. Too bad it can’t be repaired since there is no place to re-route the traffic given all of the righteous indignation over redoing the Cribari bridge. Guess we’ll have to wait to do something about it until it goes all Mianus River Bridge on us.

        • Not to worry groucho groucherson, the repairs to the structurally deficient 95 bridge are on track. Too bad they don’t make ’em like they used to back in 1884.

  15. Seth Braunstein

    Underneath 95

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  16. Under the I95 bridge near the Black Duck

  17. Wow, good one this week Dan!

    I thought it looked vaguely familiar, but heck if I could place it! (My dad kept his sailboat at the Black Duck/Bridge Market area docks for a short time in the later 1970’s, and I may recall looking up at I-95 overpass quite a few times back then. Probably not quite the same structural-view that it is now anyway).

    Curious about what you mentioned earlier:
    “… It’s actually the structurally deficient I-95 overpass in Saugatuck which has just been discovered to be standing in toxic waste that’s so nasty it can’t even be dredged.”

    That’s alarming to me about toxic waste in that area of the river! Yikes, our environment, everywhere, is going to hell … in an oil-barrel-hand-basket!

    What are the details of the sludge/toxic waste in that part of the Saugatuck River? Can you provide more info, or maybe some links?

    I’d like to know more. It’s a serious issue to me, globally and locally.


    • All I know is that a recently completed environmental review (which is part of the process that takes place before necessary repairs are made) indicated the presence of toxic material at or around the footings of the bridge’s piers. I have not seen the report yet but would not be surprised if lead was a big part of picture. It’s not a major secret that the soil along the I-95 corridor is heavily contaminated with lead from all the years before that substance was removed from fuel. At any rate, it seems the conclusion of the environmental review was that it was best not to disturb the material at issue.