One Small Step For Mental Health Awareness

A few days after the Sandy Hook massacre, Max Eigen was in Florida with his family.

Walking the beach on vacation, he and his brothers thought of a small way to help. They collected shells, threaded them with string and beads, then brought them home to sell.

That tiny gesture raised more than $5,000 for Sandy Hook families.

A few months ago, Max was in Florida again. This time, it was the aftermath of 3 suicides: a Staples High School student, Staples teacher and Westport police officer.

Once again, Max wanted to make a difference.

He collected more shells. Once again, he raised $5,000 for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

From left: Max, Sam and Jack Eigen.

From left: Max, Sam and Jack Eigen.

“It’s hard to sit in Westport and watch all of this,” the Staples sophomore, lacrosse and basketball player, and Service League of Boys (SLOBs) member, says.

“At first I thought there was nothing I could do. But there is.”

He’s talking to the school’s outreach counselor Ed Milton, and Department of Human Services’ Elaine Daignault. He wants them to help organize a club, to keep the issues of mental health and suicide in the forefront of students’ minds.

It’s still in the planning stages. But twice already, Max Eigen has proven he gets to work.

And gets things done.

4 responses to “One Small Step For Mental Health Awareness

  1. Joyce Barnhart

    What a super kid! His parents must be very proud, and with good reason.

  2. I am the proud Grandmother of Max, Jack, and Sam EIGEN. They had a mission and they worked tirelessly to fulfill their idea. They came up with the concept and persued it their entire vacation. Since they had played sports with Sandy Hook students the event obviously had a great impact on them. Likewise Max felt the same emotion from the recent suicides in WESTPORT. It’s very important to try and make a difference in this world. I am again so proud that my Grandsons can think outside the box.

  3. Go Max… ( and family) You make Westport proud!

  4. Jaime Bairaktaris

    Now THIS is what we need more of in our world. Awesome job Max, Sam, and Jack. Hope to see what other great things they will do soon