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Happy Boxing Day!

And what better way to celebrate than by boxing in another car at Parker Harding Plaza?

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

According to alert “06880” reader Chip Stephens — who was as gobsmacked as I was to see this — there was no driver in the car.

And, Chip says, there were empty spaces nearby.

Parker Harding is not the easiest lot to navigate in the best of times. I can’t imagine what it was like with this vehicle planted there.

Meanwhile, a couple of hours later and across Main Street in Brooks Corner, this pickup driver figured, hey, why pull all the way in?

(Photo/Joan Nevin)

No vehicles could get around him. Mayhem ensued.

The driver did not care. He was nowhere in sight.

Fresh Market Foursome

“06880′ has frequently posted photos of drivers who take up 2 parking spaces.

Occasionally, we highlight those who manage to hog 3.

But this may be the first time we’ve run a shot of someone who managed to park one car across 4 different spots.

This may be our worst parker yet.

Or our most entitled.

PS: This was not someone leaving the lot. Photographer Merri Mueller sent other photos, from different — and equally egregious — angles.

(Photo/Merri Mueller)

Meet The New Starbucks. Same As The Old Starbucks?

If you were like most “06880” readers, you spent yesterday giving thanks for all your blessings. It was a day for feeling fortunate, happy and grateful.

Today we’re back to Starbucks-bashing.

Sure, fitting too many cars into a parking lots with too few spaces is a First World problem. Yes, there are far more important things in the world to worry about. I know, “06880” seems to have a fixation with entitled entitled drivers.

But come on, people. Seriously?


The new Starbucks (old Arby’s/even older Burger King/much older Carrols) has struck a nerve. Every day, someone emails me with a photo/gripe/horror story.

Among them:

I’m sitting in the new Starbucks for the first time as I write. I overhear several people saying how much they hate it — how it’s so cold, how stressed the staff is, compared to “warm” and “friendly” old place … Parking lot is scary for people on foot.

It’s comical and painful that a company supposedly committed to Paris climate agreement and sustainability puts in a drive-thru inviting 12 idling cars at a time. Sad, short-sighted, stupid.

To repeat: I know there are many more important issues in Westport — and the world — than Starbucks’ newest store.

But forgive me. I’m wired.

I just had my coffee.

New Starbucks Replaces Old One On Post Road. Drivers Beware!

A new Starbucks opened a couple of hours ago, in the old Arby’s (previously Burger King, before that Carrols). It’s across the street and a few yards east of the previous incarnation, near the Sherwood Diner.

The new Starbucks...

The new Starbucks… (Photo/Matt Murray)

You would think that’s good news for Westporters needing enough spaces to park. (And bad news for “06880,” which may have to search elsewhere for photos of entitled/obnoxious/oblivious parkers.)



Alert “06880” reader Michael Traum reports:

After leaving their old Crazy Vin’s home with 24 parking spots and a relatively easy exit, their new home has a whopping 26 spots and a drive-thru (woo-hoo).

But the exit is nothing short of hazardous. For example, I witnessed a worker’s pick-up with trailer collide with a GBT Bus at around 1:30 today. No one appeared to be hurt, but watch out leaving this “‘new and improved” location.

I work across the street. I don’t recall any accidents when Arby’s was there, but no one really went to Arby’s much.

Left turns out of Starbucks by distracted and caffeinated drivers will be an adventure.

Especially during the morning rush hour, when traffic heading west is heavy to begin with.

Be careful out there!

...and the old.

…and the old.

Bad Parkers: They’re Baaaaack!

Westport’s Very Entitled Drivers took the weekend off, for the blizzard.

But the moment the lots were semi-cleared, at least one sprang into action.

Here was the scene yesterday, at 544 Riverside Avenue:

Entitled parker 1 - 544 Riverside Avenue

For all you lawyers out there who say, “Yeah, but what about the driver’s side?”:

Entitled parker 2 - 544 Riverside Avenue

Meanwhile, here’s one from downtown, sent a few days before the storm:

Entitled parker - downtown Westport

And yes, that car blocking the intersection — and the curb cut — was parked.

With no one inside.

Let The Summer Begin!

Alert “06880” readers are sending at least a photo a day of entitled, self-important and selfish parking jobs. I’m trying not to overdo it. I’m limiting myself to the most egregious.

Like this:

Compo Beach parking


It was sent by the Orseck family, who wrote:

“On the busiest day at compo beach so far this year, nearly every single parking spot was taken. This driver decides he needs a few spots for himself.”

Really, what goes through people’s brains when they decide to do something like this?

Presuming, of course, that they have one.


Meet The Most Important Person In Westport

Most over-entitled, self-absorbed and really obnoxious drivers take up 2 spaces with this type of parking maneuver:

Compo Shopping Center

This ass-hat took 3. No one could park in the spot behind him, either.

And no, it was not an empty lot. Alert “06880” reader Bart Shuldman took this photo in the middle of the day, when Compo Shopping Center was crowded with people.

People trying to find just 1 parking spot.

Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

This was the scene moments ago, at the local zoo Starbucks:

Starbucks nice

Not a single car was parked in the fire lane, the exit lane, or the middle of the lot.

All is right with the world.

PS: Hold your fire. The photo was taken while stopped, at the light.