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Old Mill Art Show: A Resident’s Dissent

Yesterday, “06880” previewed Clark Hanford’s art show. Set for Old Mill Beach this weekend, it drew readers’ praise for its open-air creative funkiness.

But Westport is not Westport without controversy.

A beach-area resident writes:

The so-called “art show” has an impact on the neighborhood, legal and otherwise. It makes the already difficult parking situation horrible for residents, and anyone else wishing to use the beach.

This event is a commercial enterprise. As you can see in the sign, there will be an auction. Old Mill Road, Compo Cove and the beach are zoned residential areas. The parking lot isn’t Jesup Green or Parker Harding Plaza, serving commercial businesses.

A Parks & Rec study indicated there are not enough spaces for residents and fellow Westporters. There will never be enough spaces. Adding in the folks on Hillspoint and in the area who “dump” their cars there, and regular legal usage for enjoying the beach, it is problematic at best.

Is there a need to hold a for- profit event during the summer months? Wouldn’t a time before Memorial Day or after Labor Day be more appropriate (unless of course there is a financial incentive)?

Should someone be compelled to support this art show, park at Compo Beach and walk over. It’s a lovely walk (ask Dan Woog — he does it!).

There is limited parking at Old Mill Beach. An arrow (top right) shows the site of this weekend's art show. (Photo/Google Maps)

There is limited parking at Old Mill Beach. An arrow (top right) shows the site of this weekend’s art show. (Photo/Google Maps)

Down By The Old Mill Art Show

Two of Westport’s identities — arts town and beach town — meet this Saturday and Sunday (August 29-30). Clark Hanford presents his annual Old Mill Beach Art Show.

Westport is also a hedge fund town. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a billionaire to buy some great art at this show.

It’s a wonderful, funky event. There’s a neighborhood feel, but everyone is welcome.

Clark — a 1962 Staples High School graduate — is a very talented artist. (If you’ve ever wandered by his house — the yellow gingerbread-style home bordering the Old Mill path to Compo cove — you’ve probably admired some of his work, in and around his yard. You’ve also seen his old-time electric car, but that’s another “06880” post.)

Clark Hanford advertises his art show, in front of his gingerbread-style house.

Clark Hanford advertises his art show, in front of his gingerbread-style house.

This year, Clark’s added a few others to his show. There’s noted designer (and 1965 Staples grad) Miggs Burroughs; whimsical clockmaker Steve Lunt; Westporter Ade Van Duyn; Compo Cove artist Greg Puhy; Old Mill artist Isaac Sonsino, and Claudia Schattman, whose mosaics decorate (among other things) the old-time parking garage behind Old Mill. (Click here to see her very cool work.)

The works will be spread out on Clark’s lawn, and hung on his front and side gates and fence. Every piece is unique. It’s all for sale — including this great wooden doghouse advertisement Clark created just for the show:

Clark Hanford - Old Mill Art Show

(The Old Mill Beach Art show runs Saturday and Sunday, August 29 and 30, 10 a.m.-5  p.m. The address is 31 Old Mill. Of course, parking is very, very tight.) 

Art By The Beach

Sure, this is the weekend of the Sono Arts Celebration. It’s a great festival — but with 95-degree heat and 100% humidity, who needs the crowds and concrete?

You can still get your art fix — and add a few sea breezes — at Clark Hanford’s special art show. Set in the shaded front lawn of his Old Mill home, it’s a fun, stressless — and very professional — alternative to the much bigger South Norwalk event.

Clark’s show (at the end of the Old Mill parking lot) runs today until 5 p.m. Tomorrow (Sunday), it’s 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Several other artists are represented. In addition to paintings, there are sculptures and other artwork.

Clark Hanford, his artwork, and his Old Mill home.

It’s A Dog’s World…

…and Clark Hanford paints it.

The talented painter, sculptor, Old Mill resident — and 1962 Staples graduate — is getting ready for his 3rd outdoor art show. He’s selected some of his best dog works — and portraits, landscapes and still lives — and added artwork of other local artists.  This Saturday and Sunday (August 4-5, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.), it’s all on display in front of Clark’s house.

That’s what makes this show blog-worthy. He lives at 31 Old Mill — a funky Victorian on the way to Compo Cove — and all the art will hang on his fence. It’s a perfect setting for some very good (and fun) art.

Clark’s 1st how, in 2010, was a great success. Last year’s was blown away by Hurricane Irene.

This year, Clark Hanford’s outdoor art show will blow you away.

This weekend, great artwork will hang on the fence.

Painting Old Mill

The house on the Mill Pond, by Clark Hanford

Cottages.  Wooden bridges.  Ducks, egrets, herons, gulls, swans, cormorants.  And the Mill Pond itself.

It’s an artist’s dream, and from dawn mist to dusky sunset, folks are out there painting.

Now everyone can see their work.

Clark Hanford — painter, sculptor and Old Mill resident — has gathered several other artists together.  This Saturday (Aug. 28, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.), they’ll present an outdoor exhibit of their work.

The show — highlighting the infinite moods of Old Mill and Compo Cove — takes place at Hanford’s home:  31 Old Mill.

You can’t ask for a better curator.  A 1962 Staples graduate, Hanford has been a working artist for over 4 decades.

“Although I sometimes saw people painting on the beach, I’d be busy in my studio doing portraits or sculpting,” he says.

“I just enjoy being here.  I don’t have a need to paint it.”

But this winter — when it was cold and nasty, and he vowed to do something special when if summer finally arrived — Hanford decided to paint outside.  Then he hit on the idea of a little show.

Scouting for artists with different styles and points of view, he found talented folks like Cornelia Gaines Olsen, Judy Katz and Bobbi Eike Mullen.

Once upon a time, Westport was an “artists’ colony.”  On Saturday, the special colony of Old Mill honors the artists who honor it.

Old Mill Beach, by Clark Hanford