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Yesterday’s gorgeous weather brought beach-lovers to Compo.

It also kicked off the season for entitled drivers. First off the mark: This person, who believes the only way to enjoy the water is to park as close as possible to it.

(Photo/Roseann Spengler)


Another sign of spring (and summer): Joey’s by the Shore (featuring Elvira Mae’s Coffee Bar) opened yesterday.

Hours are currently 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., weather dependent. Joey, Betsy and the crew say hi!


After all the stories about difficulties scoring a COVID vaccine appointment, I heard the other side: how efficiently the process runs, once you actually get a slot for a shot.

The operation at the former Lord & Taylor parking lot in Stamford sounded particularly well organized.

That’s where I was scheduled yesterday, for my first dose. It’s all true.

From check-in to the shot itself and on through the 15-minute observation period afterward, the process was top notch. It was run with military precision. That’s not surprising: Connecticut’s National Guard was in charge.

Kudos to all involved. A big shout-out to the Guardsman pictured below. We had a great time chatting. He represents his unit — and the entire operation — exceptionally well.

The only tweak needed is laughably minor. The address given for the Lord & Taylor lot is 110 High Ridge Road. But the entrance for vaccines is on Long Ridge.

I can live with that.

(Photo/Dan Woog)


Westport Police say:

“The Westport Police Department is shocked and saddened by the murders that occurred this past week in the greater Atlanta area. Our hearts go out to the victims as well as their loved ones. Violence committed against a person because of their race is something that should never be tolerated or excused.

“The Westport Police stands with law enforcement agencies nationwide as well as our partners at the Anti-Defamation League in condemning this horrible crime.For more information and resources please go to the Anti-Defamation League’s website.”


Electric vehicle brands and state legislators hold a press conference tomorrow (Monday, March 22, 10 a.m.) at the Westport train station’s eastbound side.

They’ll discuss what they call “outdated dealer franchise laws that have plagued direct electric vehicle sales for almost a decade.”

A proposed bill would give “innovative companies the ability to have an uncorked presence in Connecticut.” Without this legislation, they say, many EV manufacturers will continue to be blocked from opening sales sites, offering test drives, and selling directly to consumers.” Click here for more details.

Westport is an appropriate site for the press conference. We have the highest percentage of EVs registered in the state — over 250 Teslas alone.

Electric vehicles lined up by the Staples charging stations (from left): Chevy Bolt, Tesla S, VW, Tesla X, Nissan Leafes,


For nearly 2 years, Rosemary Cass’ blog has enriched the lives of people age 55 and older.

“Seeing it Clearly Now” inspires everyone — retired or not — be better with age. Her focus is on learning new things, finding purpose, and exploring the arts.

The blog features creative works of older writers and artists. For example, a recent post explored the writer’s gratification from her volunteer work with Al’s Angels.

Many contributors are members of the Westport Senior Center. Cass herself is a student in Jan Bassin’s writing workshops.

She’s always looking for submissions. Click here for the blog; email

Rosemary Cass uses the pen name “Rosy Prose.”


And finally … Happy 436th birthday, Johann Sebastian Bach!


9 responses to “Roundup: Joey’s, Vaccine, Seniors’ Blog …

  1. In other local news, it’s been a few years since the British amphibious assault on Compo Beach. However, Westport’s hyper- competitive Covid driven real estate market has caused some urban refugees from a place which shall not be named to take bold action. It seems that certain models of the Subaru wagon have a wading depth that is much greater than was previously known.

  2. maryschmerker

    Love it! Looking very carefully at the raised tail gate the license plate does not look like a blue and white plate. Looks very much like it just might be …….from a state that usually summers in Connecticut?

  3. Diane Johnson

    The commercial looking boat on top, long handled clippers in the trunk, and duck boots make me wonder if this is someone with Harbor Watch, or another group involved with LI Sound conservation waiting for the rest of the team to arrive?

  4. Clark Thiemann

    What’s going on with the old Joey’s? Are they opening inside this year or just using the food truck?

  5. The vaccination center at The Brunswick School on Kings St in Greenwich is also extremely well run by Yale New Haven.

  6. Arline Gertzoff

    Stamford Hospital equals Land T site Took 10 minutes to book by phone Super efficient great staff Happily getting my second shot this afternoon.


    Hey Dan,
    Did you jump the line? I thought your age group doesn’t start until May.

    • Hah! Thanks, Gil. It’s been a long time since I felt 18.

      Fortunately, Governor Lamont has said that bloggers are “essential workers.” Or maybe that’s soccer coaches …

  8. Looking forward to finally seeing the new Joey’s after all this time. Very happy to see that they are apparently using the outdoor window for food orders.