Photo Challenge #325

Many “06880” readers know what a disc golf course looks like

Many others have seen one at Sherwood Island — even if they had no idea what it was.

Plenty of readers know both: that last week’s Photo Challenge offered an overhead view of one of the disc golf “holes,” at Connecticut’s first state park.

Janine Scotti’s image showed a basket with chains above it. When a “disc” (Frisbee is the trademarked name) hits the chains, it drops below. There are now over 8,000 courses, in 54 countries. (Click here for the photo.)

These readers knew one — or both — elements of last week’s Challenge: Rindy Higgins, Ellen Greenberg, Rich Stein, Chip Stephens, Clark Thiemann, Janet Amodio, Luke Garvey, Molly Alger, Wendy Crowther, Ralph Balducci, Brad French, Howard Potter, Laure Goldberg, Jalna Jaeger, Amy Schneider, Seth Braunstein, Janet Avon, Diane McCoy and Bruce Salvo.

Okay, sports fans: Here’s this week’s Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments.” below.

(Photo/John Videler Photography)

FUN FACT 1: The name “Frisbie” comes from the Bridgeport-based Frisbie Pie Company. In the 1950s they supplied pies to Yale University, where students  started the fad of tossing empty pie tins stamped with the company’s logo.

FUN FACT 2: Staples High School had one of the first “Ultimate Frisbee” teams in the nation. Click here for details.

11 responses to “Photo Challenge #325

  1. Richard Craig

    Burying hill beach channel (right side of breakwater rocks)

  2. Drone shot of low tide saugatuck river near town

  3. Susan Iseman


  4. robbie guimond


  5. Seth Schachter

    Maybe Greys Creek????

  6. Grey’s Creek I see the stone marker on the left.

  7. Interesting that everyone knows it’s a drone shot of one of our waterways. But only the first commenter — Richard Craig — got it right. This is the view of the tidal inlets at Burying Hill Beach. All the others are good, valid guesses.

    But wrong.

  8. Gloria Gouveia

    Intertidal flats and sand delta on the Saugatuck River just south of the King’s Highway North Bridge.

  9. Gloria Gouveia

    Ooops! A dollar late and a day short.