Photo Challenge #324

As Staples High School’s head boys soccer coach, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time at the Wakeman Fields.

I know the turf. I know the grass. I know the ridiculous parking situation.

But — until Elaine Marino sent me a photo — I had no idea a log-lined, wood chip-filled path led from Wakeman to North Pasture. (Click here to see.)

Nor did any other readers — except Julianne Low.

She nailed it. Every other guess — Earthplace, the Lillian Wadsworth Arboretum, Winslow Park, Baron’s South, a cemetery — was wrong.

So to all my fellow coaches, plus parents, athletes, dog walkers, model plane flyers and everyone else who enjoys Wakeman: We have to look around more.

And, of course, park better.

This week’s challenge Photo Challenge is less “straightforward.” If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Janine Scotti)

25 responses to “Photo Challenge #324

  1. Rindy Higgins

    frisbee hoop..for frisbee Sherwood Isl State Park?

  2. Ellen Greenberg

    Frisbee Golf net at Sherwood Island?

  3. This is a frisbee golf hole.. maybe Sherwood Is or mahackenoq

  4. Chip Stephens SHS 73

    Sherwood Island on green Frisbee golf

  5. Clark Thiemann

    Is that a frisbee golf goal from Sherwood Island?

  6. Janet Amadio

    Sherwood island. Bunch of them but have no idea what they are for.

  7. Mike Hibbard

    Children’s amazing playground at Compo Beach

  8. Golf “hole” for frisbee golf at Sherwood Island

  9. “Disk golf” for frisbees at Sherwood Island.

  10. Wendy Crowther

    Yep, it’s a frisbee golf “hole” at Sherwood Island. During this past year, I finally returned to Sherwood Island to do some walking in different territory than my usual routes. I was completely perplexed by these objects scattered throughout the west end of the park. I think I finally saw a sign referring to frisbee golf. It was my ah-hah moment.

  11. Sherwood Island frisbee golf course

  12. Disc golf is the correct term. I helped put in the course at Sherwood Island and Cranbury and have been playing at the pro level for many years. There are many different basket makers. I bumped into the sport in San Diego in the early 80’s.

  13. Howard Potter

    Frisbee Golf “hole” at Sherwood Island State Park

  14. You guys got game! It is the frisbee (disc) golf course at Sherwood Island State Park. Well done!

  15. Joyce Barnhart

    Since Dan confirmed the nearly unanimous answers, I will believe that is a disc golf “hole”. I can’t imagine a Frisbee sailing through it. How does it work?

  16. Laurie Brannigan

    Frisbee golf at wakeman

  17. That’s a view from above. There is a basket with chains above it. Hit the chains and the disc drops in. There are over 8000 courses and it is in 54 different countries. Check out PDGA

  18. Laurie Goldberg

    Sherwood Island disc golf “hole”. The course there has 18 of them!

  19. Jalna Jaeger

    Frisbee golf thing at Sherwood island

  20. Amy Schneider

    Sherwood Island frisbee basket looking down from the top. There are several of them.

  21. Seth Braunstein

    Frisbee golf on Sherwood island

  22. Sherwood Island Golf Frisbee course

  23. Diane P. McCoy

    Those “cages” are all over Sherwood Island state park. What the heck ARE they???

  24. I believe that is a frisbee golf scoring basket. Amazing to watch people play. …more and .more w the virus ongoing. Others exist in SHU campus.

  25. Todd Ehrlich

    Technically it’s call disc golf: