Photo Challenge #323

Last week’s Photo Challenge showed an image in downtown Westport.

But it’s an obscure one: a star-shaped sculpture, on the side of 215 Main Street. That’s heading north, past Parker Harding by Veterans Green. I guess most people never have a reason to look up and over at the nondescript green building.

To be honest, I never have either. But click here to see.

Rachel Halperin-Ziberman, Vanessa Bradford and Stephanie Ehrman were the only 3 readers who knew the spote. And, Stephanie fessed up, that’s because it’s her office (“during non-COVID times”).

This week’s Photo Challenge shows a path that Elaine Marino recently discovered. Now that she has as rescue dog, she’s seeing things she never noticed before.

What about you? If you have spotted this — with your dog, or without — click “Comments” and tell us where in Westport it is.

(Photo/Elaine Marino)


13 responses to “Photo Challenge #323

  1. Lawrence Joel Zlatkin

    Haskins sells nature center on green acre lane?

  2. Seth Braunstein

    Lilian Wadsworth

  3. Since you said dog… I’m going to say in the corner area of the Barron’s property… where it’s very woodsy on the Playhouse side..

  4. Kevin McCaul

    Far west side of Winslow Park

  5. Chip Stephens. SHS 73

    With a wood chips and the logs I’d have to say it’s the past behind earth place what we used to call the nature center

  6. Julianne Low

    I know this spot, it is a pathway through woods next to Wakeman drive at Wakeman field!

  7. Rachel Halperin-Zibelman

    Is this next to the cemetery on Evergreen?

  8. Julianne Low

    Pathway through the woods next to Wakeman Drive!

  9. Julianne, you are right! It’s the path to North Pasture, through the woods near the Wakeman athletic fields.

    And as much time as I’ve spent there, I’ve never noticed it. Now that Elaine has pointed it out, I’ll have to check more closely.

  10. John Richers


  11. It’s a path in the old Youth museum.

  12. Jo Ann Flaum

    Barons South – close to border with Playhouse Square.