Compo Canines: Jim Boisvert’s Best Shots

Jim Boisvert loves dogs.

He also loves photographing them at Compo Beach.  Westporters have noticed Jim and his partner Jamie Grandison — also a dog photographer — taking shots of any canine that wants its picture taken.

Jim and Jamie live in Cheshire. But they come often to Compo and Longshore.

Jim Boisvert and Jamie Grandison.

Jim likes chatting with the walkers on the beach, and takes a photo of any veteran who agrees.

“Good, friendly people,” he says. “I love coming here.”

In warm weather, Jim bikes through the backwoods of Connecticut taking images of wildlife and beauty.

He does not accept payment for any dog photos or prints. That would take the fun out of it, he says.

He does post photos on Facebook and GuruShots.

Jim and Jamie have one request: a donation to the Cheshire Community Food Pantry. Paying it forward, one bark at a time.

(All dog photos/Jim Boisvert)


9 responses to “Compo Canines: Jim Boisvert’s Best Shots

  1. Celeste Champagne

    These are priceless! Thanks for posting.

  2. Patricia McMahon

    So awesome !!
    Love these pups

  3. I grew up in Cheshire and would also come to compo often with my parents , my father loved compo …and any beach he could
    Get to . Now we have been here 20 years , novelty of the beach never wears off and we never take it for granted . 💗

  4. James Boisvert

    thanks, so much for this wonderful blog about us.

  5. Carl Addison Swanson

    Classic retort Professor Woog on the first comment. That’s our “Spanky”, age 5 months, in the last photo. Hellion.

  6. Tammy Barry

    What a talent Jim has…..makes me want to own another dog!

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, these are special! Beautiful captures!