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Photo Challenge #323

Last week’s Photo Challenge showed an image in downtown Westport.

But it’s an obscure one: a star-shaped sculpture, on the side of 215 Main Street. That’s heading north, past Parker Harding by Veterans Green. I guess most people never have a reason to look up and over at the nondescript green building.

To be honest, I never have either. But click here to see.

Rachel Halperin-Ziberman, Vanessa Bradford and Stephanie Ehrman were the only 3 readers who knew the spote. And, Stephanie fessed up, that’s because it’s her office (“during non-COVID times”).

This week’s Photo Challenge shows a path that Elaine Marino recently discovered. Now that she has as rescue dog, she’s seeing things she never noticed before.

What about you? If you have spotted this — with your dog, or without — click “Comments” and tell us where in Westport it is.

(Photo/Elaine Marino)


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