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Roundup: Human Behavior, More


A reader writes:

“I am curious about something I started seeing for a few weeks ago around Longshore: poop bags, tied up nicely, set upon a wall or sitting on the edge of the road.

“I can’t understand why dog walkers would spend the time to bring the bag and properly scoop it up, only to leave it sitting for others to look at or step on.

“Today on a short walk I saw at least 5 of these bags. Can someone help me understand what is going on, and why people think it’s okay to leave this trash all around?”

That’s like trying to understand why, after more than 60 court cases were thrown out (often by Republican judges), people still think an election decided by more than 7 million votes was rigged.

You can keep wondering. But you’re wasting your time.

(Photo/Lorraine Palumbo)


And finally … there is no better way to celebrate and honor Martin Luther King Day than with Sam Cooke’s soaring anthem.

It may sound strange. But after all that’s happened in America, I still have a dream. I still believe a change is gonna come.


Because The Nearest Garbage Can Must Have Been At Least 6 Steps Away

Harding Point at Longshore’s E.R. Strait Marina is one of the prettiest spots in Westport.

Except when a very entitled dog owner decides he (or she) can’t be bothered to clean up after his (or her) pet.

ER Strait Marina

Perhaps the dog owner was just marking his (or her) territory, so no other Westporter would be able to enjoy such a lovely spot.

Here’s The Poop On Otter Trail

There must be a special place in hell reserved for people who make a big show out of cleaning up after their dogs — and then (when you’re not looking) leave the wrapped-up crap right where they found it.

They can’t be bothered to walk to a trash can, or put it in another bag and carry it home.

Alert “06880” reader Gus Ghitelman spotted this sign today on Otter Trail, off Imperial Avenue.

Otter Trail

I’m not sure if the blue bag is there to demonstrate what not to do, or if it’s someone’s not-very-subtle response to the sign.

Either way, the practice of not cleaning up your pooch’s poop stinks.