Roundup: Human Behavior, More


A reader writes:

“I am curious about something I started seeing for a few weeks ago around Longshore: poop bags, tied up nicely, set upon a wall or sitting on the edge of the road.

“I can’t understand why dog walkers would spend the time to bring the bag and properly scoop it up, only to leave it sitting for others to look at or step on.

“Today on a short walk I saw at least 5 of these bags. Can someone help me understand what is going on, and why people think it’s okay to leave this trash all around?”

That’s like trying to understand why, after more than 60 court cases were thrown out (often by Republican judges), people still think an election decided by more than 7 million votes was rigged.

You can keep wondering. But you’re wasting your time.

(Photo/Lorraine Palumbo)


And finally … there is no better way to celebrate and honor Martin Luther King Day than with Sam Cooke’s soaring anthem.

It may sound strange. But after all that’s happened in America, I still have a dream. I still believe a change is gonna come.


26 responses to “Roundup: Human Behavior, More

  1. Jill Turner Odice

    Maybe the poop bags are from some nice person who cleaned up after somebody not so nice left a mess behind without thinking about the next person to come along…? Maybe they left them neatly tied up so the not so nice person will see them the next time around and get the message? Just an idea…

  2. Michael Boyle

    Such a great question about dog poop bags. Hope someone can answer that question.

  3. Diane Johnson

    Do people intend to circle back in their car at the end of the walk to retrieve the bag to avoid carrying g the bag with them during the walk? This is what I would like to think when I see these.

  4. Jack ( ballot counter) Backiel

    I think maybe there isn’t poop in those bags. I’ll bet every penny I own, in those bags are the 11,847 missing ballots from Georgia that Trump’s been looking for! Go back immediately and open a bag!

  5. I fear there is no logical explanation, unless these bags magically turn into organic compost. I know I am sounding like a broken record (remember those?) but I walk daily and see these everywhere – on many streets and sidewalks all over town including the dog park, the beach, Aspetuck preserves, etc. Along with the presence of the “new litter” of discarded face masks, I am mystified as well. Bring an extra clean bag, so you can bag the icky stuff & litter until you find a proper receptacle. YUK!

  6. There isn’t poop in those bags. I will bet every cent I own that in those bags are the 11,847 Georgia ballots Trump’s been looking for. Go back immediately and take a look in one of those bags!

  7. I know people who do this when their dog poops early in the walk, and they park it in an obvious spot so they can collect it on their way back, avoiding having to carry it the whole time. I suppose you could look and see if the same bags are there an hour later or so?

  8. Dan, By mistake, I duplicated my post, but I’m in the car now headed to Westport to pick up those bags! I need to deliver them to Georgia before Wednesday!!

  9. Correct answer: people are lazy and don’t want to carry the bags until they reach a garbage can. I walk alot and, at times, carry my dog’s business for a mile+ until I reach a can. No biggie but for some, it’s beneath them (I guess). How about we don’t mix politics and civic duty? Biden starts Wed. Let’s focus on the positive and the future.

  10. I used to hope that the dog bags were temporarily left there. After having removed over 50 dog bags from Haskins Preserve alone, I have come to the conclusion that many dog owners either have incredibly poor, short term memories or more likely, just conveniently forget to pick it up later.

    Before you get a dog consider on average the dog will produce 3,300 pounds of dog poop That’s about 80% of the weight of a Ford 150 pickup and the poop doesn’t come with wheels. Are you ready to commit in writing that you will pick up and dispose of it in a responsible manner? That’s a heavy responsibility, pun intended.

    As far as biodegradable bags, realize that they take a few months to degrade and manufacturers do not recommend they be left in place.

    Simple advice: don’t embarrass your dog, don’t be a shih tzu, pick up after your dog.

  11. I can only speak for my wife and our dog. They walk a circuit route of about 3 miles. If a bag gets filled on the way out my wife bags it and leaves it out and picks it up on they way back rather than carry it for 3 miles. It may sit out 20-30 minutes, but it is always picked up. If she were truly lazy, she wouldn’t bother to bag the poo in the first place.

    • Noslomot
      Thanks for making that point. Undoubtably most dog owners are responsible but the ones that aren’t create a lasting impression and it stinks!

    • There is something lacking in logic here. My eyes cannot differentiate between a bag of crap that’s been there 15 minutes or 15 days; can yours? Both are equally disgusting to your fellow citizens the moment they walk by. And multiply that by half a dozen other dog owners who operate in this same illogical, and may I add, selfish, way, and you have…a shitty park. How different is it from illegally parking in a handicapped spot just for “20-30 minutes?”

      • Also, since no one so far correctly identified the REAL reason for this rather absurd behavior, let me make an attempt. Here goes:

        Quite a lot of people are selfish and cut corners in their everyday life, but they’re averse to shame too. After all, if your dog poops on a footpath, others are likely to see it happen, so these selfish folks take partial responsibility and bag the poop.

        BUT it’s just so icky to keep carrying it around for an eternity, maybe even 20-30 minutes. Why something BAD might rub off on their Lululemon pants or their Canada Goose parkas.

        And it’s certain that NO ONE will notice when they deftly deposit that camouflaged green bag on some railing or log!

  12. Diane Yormark

    Re: Poop bags…here’s the scoop…Some of use genuinely leave them on the path intending to pick the bags up on the way out (I always do, every single time)…but there are those who DON”T! I don’t understand it either. Will the bag poop loiterers please pick up your own bags. I often pick up other’s bags because it gives the rest of us a bad name. So, in Summary…CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR OWN DOG FOR CRAP SAKE!

  13. I have a grabber, and pick them up to discard. Makes as much sense as the litters that discard coffee cups, cigarette butts, vape devices, cans and bottles, etc….

  14. Sadly, many people do just that – scoop it and leave it. What I have been most angry about is when they leave the bag on a storm drain, where it will be washed into our waterways, dangerous plastic and all!! When I lived up on Salem Lane my walks took me past these sightings everyday. So dangerous for aquatic fish and animals. Please carry it home to the trash.

  15. Also, what’s with hanging bags of dog crap off the rear windshield wiper of your SUV or station wagon?

  16. HuH? Poop and Politics, sounds about right but can’t figure if the message is a metaphor, or allegory. Smelly, none the less.

  17. David J. Loffredo

    Funny that there are comments about Republicans when 5 times as many Westporters pulled the Blue lever, so these bags most likely left by Democrats.

  18. We have the same issue in my gated community here in Florida. So maybe its a Floridian!! Lol ! It is a mystery! Maybe alien p-mail ? Letting us know we’re doing a sh**ty job here on earth !

  19. James Waldron

    I must say, Lorraine’s ‘pic of the day’ is a great representation of Westport. And thank you, it’s not another Compo shot. Reprints available Lorraine?

  20. Donald Bergmann

    Some people are inconsiderate, most are not. Some people allow face masks to end up on the ground. Some people generate other trash, bottles, cups, napkins, tissues and on and on. I pick up and throw away much of what I see. We could all try to do better. People can really make a difference.

    Don Bergmann

  21. A friend of mine told me Joanne Woodward would pick up trash on her walks…If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me. Pre COVID I picked up trash during my daily dog walks. Now I’m a little afraid to touch stuff but will again post covid. We all need to pitch in.

  22. James Sullivan

    I see the poop bags all the time on my walks in the woods here in Rhode Island. Bright pink, purple, etc… Keep thinking they’ll pick them up on their way back, but the bags are still there the next day. Diane Yormark has a good point. Wouldn’t be a big deal to carry a small trash bag to remove the occasional poop bags. Community service:-)

  23. Hey all you people who pick up trash,no need to touch it, you can buy a grabber online! I have several and always take them with me when I walk, and pick up trash. I also use a reusable grocery bag to put it in.