Here’s The Poop On Otter Trail

There must be a special place in hell reserved for people who make a big show out of cleaning up after their dogs — and then (when you’re not looking) leave the wrapped-up crap right where they found it.

They can’t be bothered to walk to a trash can, or put it in another bag and carry it home.

Alert “06880” reader Gus Ghitelman spotted this sign today on Otter Trail, off Imperial Avenue.

Otter Trail

I’m not sure if the blue bag is there to demonstrate what not to do, or if it’s someone’s not-very-subtle response to the sign.

Either way, the practice of not cleaning up your pooch’s poop stinks.

19 responses to “Here’s The Poop On Otter Trail

  1. I feel you pain Otter Trail! As a steward for the ALT Haskins Preserve on Green Acre Lane, even though we have “pick up after your dogs poop” signs posted, some people just think it is their inalienable right to “donate” their little blue bags for others to pick up! Worse yet I had to go off trail the other day to pick a blue bag out of a barberry bush and got to pick off 5 ticks in the process because someone thought that “flinging” the bag was a better idea! People need to be considerate. I am almost positive that if dogs could reason…they would do a much better job than some of their owners. As for letting dogs poop off trail…not a good idea…they are meat eaters and that does not biodegrade in the same fashion. Be considerate and think twice before you leave or fling your dogs poop!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Hahahahahahaha! Priceless.

    Wonder if these signs will start pooping 💩 (I mean “popping”) up everywhere!

    It’s certainly ONE way to try and make a point.

    I love dogs (and cats, of which one “rescue-feral” currently graces my home with her presence), but I do detest irresponsible pet owners.

    I’m loving this! Clever. Thanks to Gus for getting this pic.

  3. BUT… all the blue plastic bags after the no plastic grocery bags decision might be a discussion?

  4. not that I agree leaving the poop either

  5. Not to be the “cloud” here, but aren’t the signs an equal eyesore?

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Hey Nancy,
      Those signs are perhaps a temporary eyesore, but they sure do make a point towards the dog owners who have NO idea how obnoxious their dog’s poop is to others. (Can we say, NoseSore! LOL).

      My hubby and I frequent the lovely trails and parks up in Trumbull, and I’ve stepped in so many dog poop piles that’s it not even funny. Gross, smelly messes, that you have to clean off your sneaks when you get home (plus the car matts, etc.).

      So, for me, those signs kindof say what a lot of us are thinking, doncha think?

      It would be kindof a fun venture to put up a bunch of signs like that around our parks, but … It’s probably illegal, at some level, ha!
      But, it’s also illegal to let “sleeping-poop-lie”, right?

    • I do not have to pickup after the signs Nancy!

  6. Beth Berkowitz


  7. Just another person with bad manners. I was aghast this morning at around 8am when I saw a woman walking her two white dogs on Evergreen Ave and letting them do their business on someone’s driveway (clearly not her yard). I thought the better of it and kept my big mouth shut for once. Why I oughtta….

  8. Gil Ghitelman

    For the record the poop was there yesterday. The sign followed today.

  9. We live at an ALT trailhead. There is poop (shit) on our lawn and in our woods. It is in our lawn mower blades. My neighbor video taped 25 piles of shit where people get out of their cars. Town dog parks require people to clean up and follow a cadre of other rules including proof of rabies vaccination. Why not in open space? Crap seeps into our waters which seep into our wells. I will never get how conservation groups can’t understand the ramifications of such land abuse. I don’t even get the line of requesting that your dog take a crap IN the woods. What about vernal pools? I won’t live long enough to understand. Uncle John would roll in his grave.

  10. Marcy Anson Fralick Staples '70

    I live in a condominium complex here in north Tucson that has 17 buildings with anywhere from 8 – 16 units per building. Each building has a front area of grass about 100′ x 40′. Each grassy area has a very obvious and well labelled “poop” station with consists of a poop bag dispenser and a wrought iron mesh, lidded bag disposal receptacle that is emptied at least once a day by our maintenance crew. Yet, every day, the crew finds bags tossed on carport roofs, under cars, in bushes and on patios. How hard is it, when you’re walking your dog on one of these small areas, to put the bag in the provided receptacle? Apparently, pretty hard. And, as convenient and obvious as these stations are, many dog owners (from Great Danes to Yorkshire Terriers) won’t use them at all and leave piles in the grass that attract flies and make it unpleasant for children and parents to play on. We have security cameras on each building, so our HOA decided to review the footage on the videos. Citations were sent to the offending dog owners, followed by fines for the 2nd time they were caught on film. We now have about a 95% compliance rate. It’s the walkers from other parts of our area that are the 5% who don’t use the stations, and toss the bags on roofs and patios, if they use them at all.

  11. Yes, Ithink all the blue bags are the ones from newspapers, and we do need them as poop bags!! I use one to clean my cat’s litter box and then disposeof it into the garbage can – how hard is all this?? I grew up on a farm where there was cow poop – now there’s some big poop!!!!! There, in my opinion, is no excuse for dog owners to clean up and dispose after their dogs – too bad they c an’t be fined for littering. The older Iget, the lazier and more inconsiderate I think people are = guess that’s old age grouchiness or something!! Marcy’s comments re what they have done where she lives are great – and easy to do — come on your lazy dog owners – clean up after your dog!!