Because The Nearest Garbage Can Must Have Been At Least 6 Steps Away

Harding Point at Longshore’s E.R. Strait Marina is one of the prettiest spots in Westport.

Except when a very entitled dog owner decides he (or she) can’t be bothered to clean up after his (or her) pet.

ER Strait Marina

Perhaps the dog owner was just marking his (or her) territory, so no other Westporter would be able to enjoy such a lovely spot.

10 responses to “Because The Nearest Garbage Can Must Have Been At Least 6 Steps Away

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Biodegradable bags containing natural fertilizer… Why not?

  2. Jamie Walsh

    Must be related to the same person I pick up after at the Haskins Preserve. Not sure why they bag it anyway if they are going to leave it! aargh!

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      I remember your video post here and hoped things had improved.
      Your volunteer work must be very frustrating. I see the the same behavior (an unwelcomed sight on my lawn many mornings) and consider having a “doggie cam”! Nah. I’ll try to ignore it instead (easier said than done)!

  3. Joyce Bottone

    That’s just so sad. I remember once yelling at someone in a mall parking lot because they just opened their door and put the coffee cup on the ground. My children were mortified, but now, as grow ups they understand.

  4. Marcy Anson Fralick -- Staples Class of 1970

    I’ve seen people here in Arizona throw the bags on the roofs of houses or carports when a dumpster is just a short toss away. Laziness is universal.

  5. Laurel Sheck

    This has long been one of my pet peeves (pardon the pun), not to mention something that completely baffles me. They took the time to pick up the poop, so I doubt it was left deliberately. Which begs the question, how on earth does one forget a bag (or 2) of dog crap? You can forget your keys, or your sunglasses, but I’m thinking carrying aroung a bag ‘o crap (or 2) is, well, not something easily forgotten. Yet, apparently it is. And keep in my nd, the only thing worse than this is dog owners who watch their dogs poop and DON’T pick it up at all!

  6. Adam Schwartz '75

    Maybe someone stole the Garbage Can….

  7. Cathy Talmadge

    What about the bags all over the Dog Park. It’s disgusting that people won’t be responsible for their garbage!

  8. Alan Beasley

    See something? – SAY SOMETHING!